30 Day video SEO challenge: I uploaded a video everyday on a niche BRAND NEW youtube channel for 30 days without fail. Here is how much money I’ve made AND how many views I got to make this money.

What I Cover

Everyday for the past 30 days I’ve been uploading 1 video per day applying video seo, youtube optimisation, and youtube seo to skyrocket my video rankings and get my videos infront of laser focused customers.

I teach video seo, youtube seo and general best practices for individuals and business owners who want to profit from Video seo.

In this video I talk about the insights and my earnings of this youtube channel and why it’s managed to earn so much money in such a short period of time without the need of pay per click advertising, backlinking, or shoutouts.

The Youtube channel Im talking about in this video is 100% organic using video seo tips and tricks I share across this Youtube channel.


00:00 — 30 Day Video SEO Challenge
01:05 — What Im Showing
01:50 — Video Ranking Course Giveaway
02:30 — REAL Youtube Analytics Explained
08:30 — Proof of Earnings In Tracking Software
12:30 — Proof of Earnings In Clickbank Affiliate Area
14:15 — Youtube Channel Growth
17:15 — How Much Im Earning Per Video View
18:00 — Next Earning Goals For This Channel

Over 30 days ago, i created a brand new youtube channel and i started applying video seo. In fact, i started applying a lot of the methods that i already teach on this youtube channel and i thought to yourself now that it’s been 30 days.

I realized that, on this other youtube channel uploading a video every single day. So i actually just completed the 30 day, video challenge and i didn’t even realize that i did it. So i thought you know what what would be really interesting is to show some of these statistics and show my earnings from that.

With actual proof, it also proves the idea that you, don’t need mass amounts of traffic or mass amounts of views to actually earn decent money. So if that is something that you’re interested in stay tuned, because we’re gonna get into my results shortly.

Like i said 30 days ago, i created a brand new youtube channel and i was applying video seo onto the channel and i’ve, basically been applying all of the stuff that i teach in this youtube channel. Unfortunately, they’re gonna have to be some restrictions on what i can show and what i cannot show you, because let’s face it.

You know uploading a video every single day takes work, so i don ‘ T really want to start revealing. You know certain things like my products, the videos or even the actual youtube channel. But what i am going to do is show you, the statistics, and you know refresh my page a few times, so you can actually see it’s, not fake.

I’m, also going to show my clickbank earnings. I’m, not going to be able to show you the product, but i will show you those earnings on clickbank and i’m, also going to show you the tracking software.

So you can see that everything basically fits in um and there’s, not anything really underhanded going on. But before we jump into that, i am going to be giving away to one lucky person, my overnight ranking course um, which will teach you.

The fundamentals of video seo – and it will also show you step by step on how i apply it, um on a daily basis. It’s, only 14 videos, long er less than an hour long and by the end of it it teaches you the theory and also the practical side to everything where you can even watch me.

Do it live as well, and all you need to do for the chance to win this course is leave a comment below letting me know why you think you deserve this course and how long you’ve, been, you know, trying to apply video seo Or how new you are to video seo and kind of what you want to achieve with video seo.

So with that being said, let’s, go ahead and jump um into the analytics of this youtube channel. Okay, so i am now in my youtube channel and as you can see, um there’s, actually not that much uh date there’s, not like huge amounts of data there um and just let me refresh the page just so you Can you know you know there’s, nothing funny going on so just refreshing.

It give it a second okay. So what you can see and again, if i just click, you can see it’s. All you know functional. If i go into engagement uh, you can see overview here. We go okay, okay, so we’re in reach.

Okay, so i just want to kind of talk about. You know what’s going on here, so i actually started this youtube channel um. I believe it was on either the i think it was the second of november. I think that’s, where the line starting um and every single day since you can see there’s, a video there and then um once we get to here, you can see it ‘

S got three right under it and i’m, not hovering over it because it ‘ Ll show a pop-up of the video, but what i basically started doing now was uh upload. I was creating videos in batch and i started uploading them and scheduling them to go out on those days.

So the reason it’s not showing published on next day is because it shows the day you uploaded the video and not the day. You published the video okay and then here the icons has changed slightly because i started playing around with the premiere option because uh, when you use the premiere option to release your videos, what it actually does, it gets an early start and it creates anticipation for people To actually um, you know where they click notify me to watch the video and undone okay, so that’s really really interesting.

But what you can see, which is nice is that in business or with analytics in general, you never really want to see. You know a graph that goes up and down up and down. What you want to see is a graph that shows kind of like a steady curve going up the whole way, because that actually shows that it’s, not random information.

That’s happening, and it makes everything a lot easier to analyze. So you can keep you know, growing those analytics and keep applying things. Okay, and this is exactly what’s happening with this youtube channel now.

What you can see is that this channel has had 10 200 impressions and an impression isn’t when someone views your video, but it’s when one of your videos shows up for a search term so on this channel. At the moment i have 30.

on this particular channel. I have 30 videos on so that means that out of these 30 videos um, you know these videos have been seen on google or on youtube when someone searched for something, but it doesn’t mean they clicked it now out of those 10 200 Impressions 7.

4 percent, which is the average um of people who have seen them on youtube, have actually clicked on the video okay, which you know, is not awful for this sort of channel and this sort of topic and it’s, not as good as I want it to be, but you know i don’t really start playing around with the click-through rates.

Until i’ve got enough data and i don’t really uh play around with things until i’ve got maybe around about 10 000 viewers um on the channel. Next, let’s. Go on to the viewers – and you can see across all my videos – i’ve – had 1 400 views, which, in the grand scheme of things, is not actually a lot of viewers, but remember i don’t really focus, and i don’t really like playing into that hype of virality uh.

It’s, always nice to get a viral video, but i focus on laser focused uh phrases, which means that i only need less views but because it’s. So hyper targeted it’s, a lot more profitable for me, okay and then out of those 1400 views 503 of them, even though they’re, all technically unique, but 503 of them are new viewers during the lifetime.

Okay and right here you can see it lifetime, okay and then, if we just hover over it, you can see that just every single day steadily it is growing and then, on this day, for whatever reason, uh, perhaps a compounding effect and all started playing.

But you can see that i had a massive spike and actually interestingly, it could be because of the premiere like what you can see is that it’s all steady there, but then, once i started doing the premiere function boom, it just had a Massive curve, so actually to be honest, that’s, really the only thing that i applied during this time frame of anything different.

So now i know that perhaps i’m, going to keep on doing premiere and what i’m actually going to do. I’m already testing this as we speak. Is i’m not going to do premiere for a few days and see what the analytics looks like and then i’m, going to go back to the premier and see if i have another spike in in in data and if I do then, i know premiere is definitely the way to go.

When i’m scheduling, my videos out okay, now saying that what i’ve had okay. So ultimately, this channel has generated 1400 views. That means i’ve. Had 1400 people look at my videos and decide whether or not they’re, going to take me up on an offer or buy something from my videos.

So let’s, go ahead and jump into my tracking software, and i’ll. Do a more in-depth video on this down the line on this channel, but click i use a software called click magic and i’ll. Get your discount in the link below, but the way click magic works is it allows you to create custom urls which will track and connect with third-party vendors like uh clickbank, for example, which is the products i promote, and you know it basically tells you which videos Are generating which key from which videos which have the keywords are generating sales for me and which on so, i can focus on the videos that are generating sales for me.

So let’s, jump into clickmagick and see what’s going on there. Okay, so this is click, magic and um. I have on the left over here where it says tc there’s, another option called link name and, however, i have my link super structured and i actually use the names of products i promote and stuff like that.

So fortunately i can’t show that um, but ultimately i want you to ignore um. In fact, let me just let me just get rid of it. There we go nice and clean. I don’t know why i didn’t. Do that to start off with okay, so i have these okay.

So these are the two links. Okay, so this link here is links from my youtube, video that take people to my lander. Okay, my website my offer page and then from my offer page. They would then click on the second tracking link, which is the tracking link that’s connected with clickbank and that’s.

The thing that’s going to tell me and track even further okay, so you can see from 1400 viewers i’ve had approximately 208 clicks. However, those 208 clicks are also repeatable, so i’ve, actually had 148 unique clicks click on my offers from those 1400 viewers on my youtube channel, which is actually you know, which is a little over 10 okay.

So i ‘ Ve got a little bit over a 10 click-through rate now um. This is the lifetime. This is from the full date and everything um and what you can see this numbers here. These are actually flagged clicks, which means that it’s, bot traffic, okay.

So this is robot server, clicks and stuff like that they’re, not human clicks, it’s fake and the software detects that for me, okay, so from all of that, i’ve actually generated, and let me just scroll To the bottom here, so i’ve generated 36 sales, just from 30 videos over 30 days.

Okay, now um, which is you know, i’m, really happy with that, especially i’ve, not done any paid advertising. I spend a few hours a day, creating all of this content, and you know the more i post like i talk about in my training, the better off the channel becomes and the you know the the less maintenance it actually needs, because you’re.

Creating that compound effect, okay, i’m building up that authority. Now i’m just going to click here and what you can see is actually that has generated 976 dollars and 44 cents um the in since the 2nd of november, and today is the 2nd of december okay, which is crazy.

I mean today is technically the 30th day anyway, but um i wanted to get this out because i ‘ Ve got really busy schedule anime, but this is 976.44. Now i have actually generated more than that, because i messed up the tracking is, can be really complicated.

This software makes it pretty simple um, but i messed something up at the very beginning and it didn’t track a few sales, but it doesn’t clickbank, which i’m, going to show you shortly, okay, so that’s, actually really really interesting, um so again, 30 videos only 1400 views and that’s generated me, 976.

44. Okay, i don’t, know about you, but that’s, actually really very impressive. Okay, because i’ve, not uh, even though i’ve been spending a few hours a day, creating the videos and stuff i’ve, actually not really done.

I’ve, not done any paid advertising any backlinking, or anything like that. This is a brand new channel uh that i created um and it’s literally because i’ve, been following the rules of youtube and the methods that i teach on this channel.

And so, if you’re not subscribed. Yet make sure you subscribe um, you know i’m being getting at this sort of results. Now let’s, jump into it, clickbank um, and look at this in a little bit more inside.

Okay and again i can’t really show you the product name or anything, but this line here the one that’s highlighted is the product. So now what i want to do is i want to. You can see that for every click i’m earning approximately 3.

63. Now again, the profits are mad, because i’m, not really um advertising or doing paid advertising, or anything like that. Okay, so this is actually just really really profitable. Okay, so what i’m, going to do.

I’m just going to minimize this and just start zooming in so what you can see is total. My tracking software say that i’ve generated a total of 36 sales and clickbank is saying for this product. I’ve generated 51 sales and that’s because i screwed up with the tracking at the beginning, and i missed off some sales.

So what i’ve, actually generated in gross sales is 1320 and 43 cents. However, i’ve, had four refunds within those 30-day periods and that’s cost me 158.96, which means that i am actually in profit. 1100.

Okay and i’m, really happy with that. So actually, i’ve generated 1 161.47 and i’m just going to refresh the page just so you can see. I’m, not playing around okay. I’ve, just refreshed it um. I can filter it.

So i’ll just filter it, so that is some really exciting results, and i think one of the really important things to acknowledge during this is you know these. This method that i’m teaching. You know this is being done through a pandemic.

Okay, you know we’ve got covert, you know which is stressing everyone out, and i’ve been spending a few hours a day. You know just creating content and getting i’m, putting in the groundwork so later down the line.

I can relax and just chill out – and you know let it do its thing in the background. But what’s happening is that i is that i’ve got a 30-day old youtube account that is still um, that’s still building authority.

In fact it’s, it’s, not even got that much authority, but because it’s so focused you know and around specific things um. You know it makes our lives so much easier, and this is where people go astray, which is where they’re using all different sorts of methods where they start promoting all different sorts of products.

That don’t really always make sense to youtube okay. So again, this youtube channel is no different. To is the the the method, tips and tricks are no different to what i’ve, been teaching on this youtube channel.

Okay, um super simple, don’t over complicate things by following loads of people who say you need to be doing this this and this or that will never work forget what everyone says. In fact, someone actually um commented on one of my videos from this channel um saying to me.

You know these methods never really work. You know everyone keeps saying this and my attitude is well most things that i do work for me. Okay, because, at the end of the day it doesn’t really come down to the tools that you use.

It comes down to you as the individual and how persistent you are, and undone but most people they get bored after like the first few days. They see that they’re, not getting any clicks or they’re, not really getting any views without getting any sales and it’s really funny because, like as you can see the youtube channel that i’M, showing you has only got 1400 viewers: okay and it’s generated over a thousand dollars in sales in a month and that’s, no paid advertising just creating content.

Now, for some people um that’s enough to support your lifestyle. It’s, not enough to support my lifestyle um, because that’s, not my only my only earnings and obviously as your lifestyle grows. So does you know everything um, but you know for the first 30 days.

You know if i’ve got like 10 of those channels that are doing that for me. Well, that’s, like 10 000 a month from these little cash cow niche, little youtube channels; okay, so that’s, really really exciting stuff and it’s.

It’s, not really that difficult. You’ve just got to focus in, and you know, watch and there’s, no secret to anything it’s literally just applying and staying consistent and again. If you don’t know what to apply.

Look watch the videos on this youtube channel because it really does, you know, show you what you need to be doing rather than you know all the jargon that people are talking about now. One other thing that i i like to do is i like to break down how much i’m, actually earning per view.

Okay, so check this out. I’m just going to open up the my calculator so last month and the last 30 days. This channel is generated um. What was it 1 100 and let’s just say 160 dollars. So now i’m, going to divide that by 1400, which means that i’m earning, which means that i’m earning point.

I’m earning 82 cents per view who 82 cents per view on this youtube channel, which kind of like blows my mind, because although this will fluctuate on a regular basis, you know if i now take that sort of idea of income and do 0.

82 times let’s, say 10 000 viewers because remember as you build up your portfolio of videos, your view count will also grow and you’ll start seeing bigger jumps and then steady growth and then a bigger jump and then steady Growth as long as you’re, consistent, okay, so let’s just do 0.

82 and let’s say in the next three months. So let’s, say month, two that’s, going to double so 2800. So let’s say in the next three months. Um i’m. I’m, going to be at like let’s, say: 10 000 viewers, okay, so 10 000 views times 8.

2. So this in the next three months i’m, hoping to bring in this sort of money and it’ll, be really interesting to see if i actually do um – and i think i’m gonna keep on logging. The progress of this specific youtube channel – i’m, not gonna reveal it yet, but i will reveal it down the line and i just want to get a little bit more authoritative and a little bit more difficult for people to replicate.

I don’t want people to really replicate um this currently, but once it’s a little bit more strong standing, then it’s, much more difficult for people to replicate and make my life harder. Okay, so i ‘

Ve got 8 000, so hopefully in the next three months, so it’s now december january february march. So come the end of march. Maybe i’ll. Do another progress, video um? I should have done yeah. Maybe i’ll.

Do another progress, video and see where the earnings are for that is okay, but you know, i think, if i can get it to that, which hopefully i see no reason it won’t, be that will make a fantastic live case study and also It will enhance what i’m trying to achieve with this specific youtube channel now the one that you’re watching on okay, so 8 200, that’s.

The next target for the next three months: um uh yeah. Now the oh, i think the only reason if i don’t reach. That target is because uh just a little update. I’m currently relocating, so my whole studio is um.

Isn’t. What it actually is – and i’m moving into a new house soon, so i’ve got all of that to do so. What i’m trying to do, i’m, trying to create as a big backlog of videos as possible. Uh i’m or i’m current as i’m making this video i’m.

Actually i’ll, say: 16 uh. I’m six days, um ahead of schedule and i ‘ Ve got another 10 videos. I just need to add and get scheduling going out. Um but yeah just uh. It’s, going to be really hectic over the next month or so so it’ll.

Be really interesting because i’m, definitely likely going to be slowing down once i do move which would be in a week or so um, but uh yeah it’s, probably going to be a bit hectic but curious to see if It actually slows down my earnings and i don’t think it will but either way cool stuff.

Okay, i ‘ Ve tried to be as transparent with the statistics and earnings and everything. Hopefully, you understand why i’ve, not shown the exact product or the exact youtube channel. I just it’ll, be really silly.

If you know you’re earning money from these things and you’re showing uh, especially for free these channels. Okay, we all need to earn a living, um and yeah it’s. Just it’s, just not very wise to do that anyway.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this video, keep an eye out for the next video, because the next video is five free video seo tools for better rankings in 2020 and 2021 um, so yeah. Thank you so much for watching.

If you’ve, not subscribed, go ahead and subscribe, and i’ll, see you later



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