Videly Ranking Methods

How to Advertise Your Business

Advertise Your Business FOR FREE. In this video you’re going to learn how to advertise your local business for free and I also show how you can advertise your business with paid tools as well.

What Is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based version of Video Marketing Blaster by BlasterSuite.

Using Videly you will be able to reverse engineer Google and Youtubes ranking system and almost instantly grab untapped, buyer intent keywords which make Video SEO super easy.

In this video i’m, going to show you how you can advertise your business for free. Even if you have no money, no tech skills, no legs to go knock on doors. You’ll. Be able to do this for free. You will be able to advertise at no cost at all and the greatest thing about this method.

It takes virtually no time at all. So i’m, going to show you the exact steps. You should be taking right now as a business owner to advertise your business for free in just a moment. If you’re a business owner and you’ve been looking to advertise your business for a while, and you started looking for, quotes or looking to do it yourself.

But you’ve, been overloaded with a huge amount of information online that you should be doing this or this or this or you’ve been receiving quotes which are actually quoting you more than what you currently earn anyway, then you’re gonna absolutely love this method, because you don’t need to be tech.

Savvy you don ‘ T really need any money. In fact, you don’t need any money. You just need a computer, and i’m gonna show you step by step on how to do it. Let’s, go ahead and show you how you can advertise your business for free okay.

So i’m on google and for the sake of this video i’m gonna pretend that i am a math tutor. I am awful at math, but i’m. A math tutor. One of the things about being a local business is that you, don ‘

T really want to be targeting people outside of your local area. Unless you’re ready to start expanding, so what i’ve done is i’ve taken math tutor and then i’ve added my geo at the end, which is buried and a fantastic sign that you Can see is that people, my competition, are spending money with google.

If i click on any of these three links here, you can see, it says, add it’s, gonna cost them money. Now i don’t want to spend money. I’ve, not got money, so i’m, going to go ahead and outrank these people without it costing me a penny.

Okay. So now that we’ve established what we want to be ranking for which is going to be roundabout matthew to berry. We now want to head over to google keyword planner. So if you don’t know what google keyword planner.

Is you just go to google? It’s, a tool from google that allow you to research keywords and present data about those keywords. So, for example, math tutor berry. It will tell us how many people, roughly a month, are searching for a math tutor.

Berry, okay, so just go to google enter google keyword planner and you’re, going to be taken to this page. Once you’ve created yourself, a free account, okay. So what i want to do, i want to click on, discover new keywords and then make sure that my geo here says united kingdom, but i can even go further and type in berry, which is the local area.

Okay, so berry england target okay, so take away united kingdom. So there we have it. We have our local area. You can enter multiple. If you want. I’m, going to go ahead and press save, and now i’m going to type in math tutor berry.

So let’s, go ahead and do get results. Okay. So now, how great is this? What you can actually see on my screen is all these search results, so i know that roughly about 10 people in my local area is searching for math tutor and my competition of spending anywhere from one pound 29 to 2, pound 87 per click.

That’s, not even per lead! That’s, just someone clicking on the ad, so i don’t want to be spending that sort of money that can get very, very expensive without any certainty that they’re going to convert for me.

But what i have seen is that we ‘ Ve also got physics, a math, tutor physics, math, tutor, math, tutor near me. Online math, tutor, okay, so physics and math tutor is actually a fantastic keyword to search for because it’s got low competition, which is what they’re saying and it’s got roughly 210 searches per month.

Okay – and i can see that my competitors are spending one pound, three pence to three pounds: 66 per click more for them, okay, so i’m about to show you how you can rank for physics and math tutor in just a second.

So here i am in vidley and i’m, going to go ahead and press keywords now right here, i’m, going to go ahead and press enter change this to united kingdom and i’m gonna go ahead And do research? Okay, so let me just remind you that you can do this method completely free, but this is for the people who have a little bit of money who you know, want to speed up the process and find even better searches and literally a click of a button.

But you do not need this software. You can go with the google keyword planner and still get great results, but you will likely get better results faster when you use this software okay. So what you can actually see here is that it ‘

S listed all of these searches and basically these searches are fantastic searches which have low competition and they should be super easy to rank, for it also tells you where they found these searches, and you can see all of these searches are coming from google.

This one’s from youtube, and what’s, really fantastic when you find searches like this, is that if you rank for every single one of these searches or a handful of these searches, you will start showing up for more competitive searches.

Like just math tutor, okay, instead of physics and mature, you can come up from math tutor. Okay. So when you have lots of videos ranking for all these keywords, all these long tail keywords with you know which are basically untapped.

Keywords: you’re, going to build authority and google and youtube are going to see you as an authority figure and start boosting your videos for a larger scale of more competitive and harder to rank for keywords like math, tutor, okay, and what you can See is if i wanted to rank for physics and matthew to chemistry, igcse past papers, that’s.

Actually, there’s. 421 000 other people trying to rank for that. But if we scroll down a little bit, we can see physics and matthew to physics, igc e revision and there’s. Only 15 000 people now considering there’s like millions, hundreds of millions, billions of videos and searches online uh on youtube and google 15 000 cop competitors is a nothingness.

Now, if we scroll down just a little bit more, we can actually see physics and math tutor c12 past papers, okay and sometimes getting these videos on our channel, ranking and stuff like that is gonna boost everything else.

So how amazing is that now what i’m gonna? Do i’m, actually gonna rank for physics and math tutor c12 past papers? Okay! So what i’m gonna. Do i’m just going to copy? I’m, going to tick the box and add it to saved keywords.

Now let’s, go ahead and i’ll. Show you how you can create a video for free, but let’s, go ahead and go to our search bar and type in video editor. I’m, going to select video editor and, as you can see here is my video editor and you can see.

I have loads of videos in there because i actively use this isn’t it nice to see a youtuber recommending stuff that they actually use. I’m, going to go ahead and click new video project and right here.

This is where we add all of our files in so what i’m gonna quickly do is head over to google and download a bunch of images. Now it is really important that you make sure you have uh rights to use this imagery.

I’m just showing for illustration purposes, and i’m, not going to use this for commercial use, but you want to make sure you have all rights for your images now what i’m going to do. I’m just going to download a bunch of these images and be back in a second okay, so i’ve.

Now downloaded all the images and what i’m going to do. I’m, going to select them all and just drag them in, like so. Okay, now that they’ve all been dragged in, i’m, going to select all of them and place in storyboard.

So now these are all placed into the storyboard and if i wanted to add text, i would simply add text like so, and then hello just like that, and you can see it’s. Adding in okay, then, once you’ve done that you would just go ahead and you would finish video like so, and then press export, and that will finish the video for you now.

If you don’t really want to be doing that, and you want a software that’s, going to automatically do all of that for you and create it a lot more professionally. If you don’t have the skills to do that.

I’m, going to jump into a software that i use again all the time for niche youtube channels and these sort of rankings. So this software is called vidnami and i’m, going to leave a link, a discount link in the description below for you.

But basically what vidnami does is you would enter your your text. It will take the text and it will match loads of images according to the text. So i’m gonna get click create a new video, and now i can choose all of these different templates.

Depending on what you want. I’m, just going to go ahead and do ruby red. Why not use this template and then here you would enter your script. Okay, now that the text has been created, i’m, going to go ahead and click the create scenes.

Button, okay, so what’s happening right now is that uh nami is reading the text and finding relevant uh images to match with that text. Okay, so the video is finished generating. What you can actually see is the software’s done all of this.

It’s added in some nice text. It’s added in the background and videos and images and all of that stuff. Okay, you can see it’s, all pretty much all about tutoring or math, or something in those lines.

Okay, so that’s, pretty cool. But if you do see a mistake somewhere in there, you can always just click on that and then have a quick look and just change it like so. Okay, you can change it or just type in math right here it will load and again you would just click on that and boom.

There. You have it okay, so we’re scrolling down and it all looks really good. I’m, going to go ahead and click add voice track. Now you don’t need to add a voice track on. You can record your own voice in the software directly or you can click on auto voice and select.

One of these voices just like so and then you can go ahead and preview, the video. So what’s happening right now is vidnami is generating that voiceover pulling the video all together and presenting us with a preview of it.

So let’s, go ahead and have a look okay. So now the video has been generated and i’m, not gonna preview it in this video, but what you can do is hopefully, if we get these at one two or three uh rankings in google and youtube, i’ll.

Let you go ahead and search for that specific keyword and find that video, so you can watch it in your own time. So what i’m gonna do i say you know what it looks: great. Okay, let’s, go ahead and do what looks good continue generate your video okay.

So what this is doing now? Is it’s? Finally, putting everything together? It’s, also scanning the images and the videos it’s, found for us and giving us all the license and the information that we would need if we need it to put into our youtube description to protect us from any claims Or anything like that, okay, okay, so, while that video is generating – and one of the great things about that software is that it does it all in the cloud.

So we can use our computer without it slowing down um to do other things. So what we actually need to do, we need to create um some optimized text for this video. I’m, going to use vidley software to do this, but if you’re doing the free version have a watch of what the text actually looks like and then use that as inspiration for the text.

So let’s. Jump back into ridley and generate some done-for-you text: okay, so invidly, i’m, going to go ahead and click on video details, click on generate details and i’m, going to select the language which is english.

My main keyword is going to be what we want to rank for, which is physics and matthew to c12 past papers in the select main niche. I’m going to leave, as is, and as you can see it’s. Selecting one of our titles, which i’m, going to edit down the line, and i’m just going to click on this and then click next step now right here, what it’s doing! Is it’s recommended um, some other keywords: i’m gonna leave, as is okay.

So what i’m gonna do here is enter some secondary keywords and those secondary keywords are just gonna, be something as simple as math tutor, math tutor, barry. Okay, i’m, going to go ahead and click next step.

Now here you’re, meant to add your website urls and your social media urls, and so once you enter that it will populate into the next area, so click generate and then generate details. Okay, so now that’s been generated.

I’m, going to go ahead and click on it. Left we’ve got the video title, which is, which is physics and mathju to see 12 past papers, math tutor berry solution, so i’m going to type in. Maybe here private math tutor berry, okay and leave it like that, and what we can see for the description.

As you can see, you can learn more about physics and match you to see 12 past papers visit and then the url uh. Obviously this is from a past video, but i’ll just leave it as now, one quick thing when it comes to a youtube, video descriptions or just a description for videos in general.

Most people will not click the more information when it comes to the description. They will look at the first two lions of the video and they will. If there’s, a call to action most the time they will click on that call to action to contact you or visit your website or anything like that.

Okay, so anything past. The first two lines – isn’t hugely important when it comes to making it super readable, but of course you can customize it in any way you want, but it’s, not the end of the world.

In fact, most people, not everyone, but most people – don’t look past. That so here is the description and what we’re going to do for the description is i’m going to click edit, and you know we’re going to leave.

You can learn more about physics visit here and i’m, also going to type in or call us okay, so, which is our phone number. We’re gonna scroll down and we can see it actually. It’s, sprinkled all of our keywords and secondary keywords like so next it’s generated the tags for us and again you can see very much tutor matthews to berry and all of these, and if we scroll down, we can change The title or change the sentences or change the tags, however, you want to do it and it’s up to you, but i’m just going to leave all as is, and now our video should hopefully be finished.

Okay. So the final step of this uh, how to advertise your business for free, is to upload the video and copy and paste all this text in okay. So here i am on one of my other youtube accounts, which i use just to illustrate.

This purpose illustrate this youtube seo method uh, creating an account on youtube. Doesn’t cost you any money. It’s completely free. So what i’m gonna. Do i’m now gonna upload, the video which we just downloaded so whilst that’s uploading? What i’m gonna, do i’m gonna jump back over to vidley and copy and paste all of the information.

So here i am in vidley. Select this copy to clipboard go back paste in just like so back to vidley copy. All of this back here and paste in okay. There we have it. I’m, going to leave the thumbnail alone because i’m just a little too lazy.

I’ve, not made one right now. I’m, going to scroll down, go to more options and where, with the tags, go back to vidley scroll down here copy copy to clipboard, and we’re gonna paste these in just like so okay.

So the video is actually finished, uploading now, which is really cool and that actually, i’m gonna go with that thumbnail. I’m gonna go ahead and press next next and public and publish okay. So when it comes to this sort of ranking, when it comes to video seo and stuff like this, you should really wait at least 10 minutes to 24 hours to see how you’ve done um, but i’m a little eager And it’s always exciting when you see instant results.

So what i’m gonna. Do i’m going to open up incognito mode in my browser, because in your normal browser, google doesn’t always give you a true reflection because it’s catering, your search results for you anyway.

So we want to see what it looks like in a non-catered search engine. So let’s, open up, incognito mode and search for our keyword. Okay, here we are in incognito mode. I literally uploaded the video like a minute ago with that.

So i’m gonna go ahead and search for this keyword. So let’s have a look at what comes up boom there. We are number one on the front page of google. Okay. How insane is that we’ve literally just beaten everyone there.

I am, you can see my name martian lander uploaded one minute ago, and i’m just gonna open that up in a new tab, okay, and that is our video. Okay – and you can see that what i said before about all of that text – below no one really clicks on that information.

But you can see that we ‘ Ve got our url and our phone number right there and if we scroll here, let’s, go to the video tab and there we are again and again, you can see that it doesn’t. It only shows those first two lines round about and you can see we’ve got our url and private math tutor.

Okay. How insane is that in like less than a minute we or two minutes? We are number one ranking on the front page of google and the video tab of google, but how are we ranking on youtube? So let’s, go to youtube type in our search, our keyword again press enter boom.

There we have it. We are beating everyone on youtube using this method. How mad is that now? Should we have a quick search to see if we’re ranking for private math, tutor berry as well? Let’s. Go back to google back to the old tab and paste that in so we are not on that tab, but let’s, go to the video tab and we are in the top three positions.

This is us right here. Considering we didn’t even optimize, or try properly ranking for that specific keyword, which is private, math tutor berry. We are ranking number three, and this is exactly what i’m.

I spoke about earlier on in the video, which is, if you consistently upload videos targeting these sort of keywords. You’re, going to start ranking for more competitive uh keywords like private math, tutor, berry.

Okay, we are number three let’s. Just refresh the page number three: let’s, go to youtube and paste it in we’re number one on youtube. How crazy is that? Okay? Can you imagine the possibilities? If you do this once a day, you know upload one video targeting these sorts of keywords every single day.

Okay, so let’s, go over what you’ve, actually learned in this: how to advertise your business for free tutorial. So you have learned how to find untapped keywords with hi buyer intent, and you’ve learned how to do that for free.

I’ve, also shown you a paid method on how to find those keywords which are even more specific and easier to rank for, and i’ve shown you how to use that software. Next, i’ve shown you how you can create a video for free and i’ve, also shown you a paid way of creating your video like that which will get you the results faster, and you know less processing power on your Computer then i’ve, also shown you how you can generate seo tax, that’s, going to boost your videos even further in the rankings for free and i’ve, also shown you the paid way to do it as Well, next, i’ve, actually shown you how you can upload and what to do with all of that text.

Information onto youtube and i’ve shown you proof that these videos rank and this method works. When it comes to rankings in the next video, i’m, going to be reviewing vidley software, which i was previously speaking about earlier, but the pro version of it and show you from a to z how it all works.

Now, if you also want more information about why this method is so effective, i have a 14 part video course completely free found in the link below that you can enroll in that will teach you the ideologies behind local business, long tail keyword rankings.

So if you don’t want to miss out on any of that stuff make sure you hit the subscribe button. Click the notify bell button below this video, so you’ll, be notified. When i release my next video.

Thank you. So much for watching and if you’ve got any questions, go ahead and leave them below until next time.