Videly Pro VS Video Marketing Blaster Pro

In this Video Im going to be comparing Videly Pro against Video Marketing Blaster Pro. I will be switching backwards and forwards between the two to help you make a decision and greater understanding about the key differences of these two softwares created by Blastersuite.

What is Videly Pro?

Videly Pro is a cloud based video SEO keyword tool and Youtube video SEO text creator to help rank your videos in high positions of Google and Youtube.

What is Video Marketing Blaster Pro?

Video Marketing Blaster Pro is a standalone SEO Keyword tool application for window computers which help rank your videos in high positions of Google and Youtube.


Video Summary: 0:00
Videly Pro First Looks: 1:10
Video Marketing Blaster Pro First Looks: 1:32
VMBP Keywords: 2:40
Videly Keywords: 3:45
Videly Video Details: 5:37
VMB Video Details: 6:47
Video Marketing Blaster Niche Analysis: 8:27
Videly Pro Niche Analysis: 9:20
Videly Pro Rank Tracker: 11:30
Video Marketing Blaster Pro Rank Tracker: 12:47
Pricing: 13:45
Bonuses: 15:05
Conclusion: 15:40

In this vidly pro verse, video marketing blaster pro comparison, video, i’m, going to be reviewing both vidley pro and video marketing blaster pro and helping you decide which one to go for or understanding the real difference between ridley prow and video marketing.

Blaster pro now, if you stay to the end of this video, i’m, going to be giving away a gift, but more information about that. Shortly in this video i’m, going to be comparing vidley pro vs video marketing blaster pro now you may be thinking hey marty, aren’t these the same software aren’t.

They the same firm, aren’t, they the same business that have created them, and yes, 100 percent vidly pro and video marketing. Blaster pro are both created by blaster suite, but there are some minor differences, not just with the pricing, but also with the software in its own right.

So let’s, go ahead and just start comparing each one as we go throughout all the features. So we’re, going to start off with vidli pro, so this is the dashboard of vidley pro it’s, a complete revamp from video marketing blaster, and what’s really nice about it? Is that you & # 39? Ve got a really nice modern and easy on the eyes dashboard, which is super easy to navigate around.

Let’s, jump over to video marketing blaster pro and see what that’s like so here we are in video marketing blaster pro and, as you can see, it does look a little bit more retro now. Another thing to understand about video marketing blaster pro is it’s, a standalone application, which is run from a windows computer? In other words, if you’re, a mac user, you will not be able to use the standalone application, but just like uh vidley it’s, not that difficult on the eyes.

However, it’s, nowhere near as modded, and you can actually see. We are missing a feature which we’re gonna get to shortly. But overall, you ‘ Ve got the same options here as some info with the general settings, and then you ‘

Ve also got your popular searches so on vidley pro we actually don’t have all of this here, but this is basically trending information um, which i think is dragged from. Google trends. Okay, you ‘

Ve also got a snapshot of all the campaigns that you’ve done over here, which again is nowhere nice, as designed as vidley pro let’s, jump back into video pro and explore the next option. So let’s. Jump over to the keywords, tab and what you can see is again a little bit retro looking, but if we go ahead and just enter plumber, okay, find competitors, get search, results and generate uh yeah.

We’ll, just leave it at that. Then we’re just going to click research. So what’s actually happening? Is that it’s, all loading okay, so it’s now finished loading and that took close to around about 120 seconds um.

So quite a long time to load all of these results and we’re gonna compare that with vidley pro, but first uh let’s. Just have a look. It’s, generated 199 options for us and it’s, giving us the keyword where it’s from the ranking and the competition of it all okay um.

So this is basically what you get from the keyword tab. You ‘ Ve got a few options on the side there, and but this is what you basically get. So it’s, taken about 120 seconds to get these results.

Let’s, jump into vidley pro and do the exact same thing. Okay, i’m gonna enter plumber just like before, and one interesting thing is that you can’t. Actually, you can cater these searches um on geolocation, but in video marketing blaster pro you didn’t have that option so that’s, actually a really great option to have and which is already a difference.

Okay, you’ve. Also got a snapshot of like the sorted searches and stuff like that per month that the keywords are going to give and you can see that at the top, which you again you don’t get in video marketing blaster pro.

So let’s, go ahead and click research; okay, so that actually took less than 15 seconds to load 315 keywords: okay, that is an exceptional response. So video marketing blaster pro took 120 seconds to load 199 keywords and vidlypro took about 15 seconds to load 315 keywords as well as all of this data here.

Okay, so it shows you the trending information which ridley, which video marketing blaster pro doesn ‘ T, okay and then again you ‘ Ve got the majority of the same options now another thing that um vidly pro does that video marketing blaster pro doesn’t.

Is it allows you to filter your search sources? So if you, if you only want to search on youtube and google and your competitors, it will do that, but you can also accustom it to amazon, ebay, pinterest, yahoo and bing and again video marketing blaster pro does not do that so uh vidley pro in this Area definitely uh beats video marketing, blaster pro keyword.

Okay, let’s, go to the video details, tab and do something that okay, so in the video details tab if we wanted to create some optimized text, all we’ll do is enter plumber, okay and then select main niche so uh.

If we wanted to go with the local business pack, we could and have it pre-populated we ‘ Ve also got the custom area, so it won’t, recommend anything or we ‘ Ve got our own templates and we ‘

Ve got the general area here. Okay, it also recommends titles for us before it’s actually generated anything. So i’m just going to go ahead. Select the title go next and then it also gives us extra suggestions.

If we wanted to change it, okay and we can add secondary keywords as well, so it’s. It’s, really guiding you through every single step and then it ‘ S got our urls where we can pre-populate everything.

So i’m just gonna go ahead and do generate generate details. Okay and now that’s instantly done and when we click on it, we can amend the title and edit everything and and and okay, so that’s, pretty cool um, and we can also regenerate it if we wanted to okay.

So let’s, jump into video marketing blaster pro and see how that goes in the video details, tab. What we’ve got three different options, so we can also generate details from our main competitor. We can also generate from templates that we’ve created in the past.

We can import templates. This is usually when you import other templates from let’s, say the local pack, so the add-on local pack that you would have to buy with video marketing, blaster, um or custom templates that you would create in your your own and then you’ve also got semi-automatic, which will do it half-heartedly.

Okay, so i’m just going to do it from competitors, and i’m going to again type in plumber and um generate sensors. Okay and i’m going to do start generating, so it’s now generated and what you can see is it’s done basically the same sort of text we’ve got the little gear icons, which Can spin or copy to text and stuff like that, and we can also right click on this and add bulk information as so so this, i would say i actually think video marketing blaster in terms of extras when it comes to editing um.

These automatically generated seo tax um has got the edge, but if you’re, not really advanced or tech savvy, then you ‘ Ll, probably struggle using this, and then you ‘ Ll, probably want to go with ridley pro um.

Personally, i actually prefer this to what ridley pro offer in terms of the seo text only because you can do all sorts of things, but there’s. Definitely a lot of advantages on both. It just depends on how tech savvy you are, and you know how much flexibility you want with everything.

Okay, so let’s, go ahead and move to niche analysis. So what i’m gonna do. Is i’m? Going to type in plumber again: okay and get competition okay, so that took around about 40 to 50 seconds to load all the niche analysis.

Now i’ve, never really liked the niche analysis tool in video marketing blaster. I’ve. Just found it a little bit iffy on the eyes a little bit too much um, but what we can see is it’s, ranking everything we can do, filter it by viewers and stuff like that it ‘

S also got the score on the side and how well the seo is, and we can filter it by rankings and everything it gives us the channels, but the channels aren’t clickable uh. However, we can double click on the channel and open up in browser like that yeah we can export it.

We can customize the columns and stuff if we wanted to, but let’s, have a look in vidley and see what we can do there. Gon na type in plumber, okay and i’m gonna do research. Okay, so it turns out that i’ve, actually already done uh, probably in one of my past videos and it’s already seen that and it’s and it’s remembered that it’S asking if i want to load the existing research.

That is a fantastic feature. I didn’t even know it had that um. So that’s, a big bonus and that’s. Definitely something video marketing blaster pro doesn’t, know um. So i’m, just going to go ahead and do a start new research.

So we make the competition fair, so start new research, okay, so it took video marketing blaster around about 40 to 50 seconds to load. All of this information. It’s, taken video less than 15 seconds to load all of this information, and we ‘

Ve also got other information as well such as the hard or easy. You know in a nice clear format. It also tells us what sort of estimated daily traffic will be getting and in the last 30 days has something been ranked and if we scroll down it’s, a lot easier on the eyes.

Sure you don’t have the color grading, but i actually much prefer this on the eyes. It also is clearer, with which one’s, the number one ranking number two ranking, etc and so forth, and then it gives a nice snapshot.

Um in a in an in an easier way to read about the overall channel authority, followed by the overall video authority. Okay and – and you can also generate reports as well – which you can’t – do in video marketing blaster.

So, overall, that is again a really nice little add-on and definitely vidly pro have the edge over video marketing blaster for the niche analysis. Now, in the next feature, is the video report tab, and this is not something you get in a video marketing blaster pro so already you get an extra feature in the video report.

Tab um, so i’m gonna leave this out because there’s no point i’ve already covered this, but long story short. You would enter your url here. You would enter the keyword and it will give you an overall report, um of that specific video and what you can do to improve that video.

Okay, let’s, move on to the rank tracker now so for the rank tracker you can see it basically tracks video rankings. Okay, uh! You do get unlimited credits with this and uh yeah. You just simply add the video in enter the url.

Your keywords, and then you know, sort out the trackings here and pull it into your campaign and how often it will be automatically updated okay, so this will actually automatically update no matter whether you’re logged into the computer or not.

You can see the last update was 33 minutes ago, and it shows you all of this information. Okay also gives you a little bit of a snapshot and if we click um, if we click on these little charts here, it gives you a little graph as well.

Okay, if we click here – and you can see every day – one of my videos is just getting more and more viewers. Okay, so that’s, a nice little add-on that video marketing blaster does not offer um. But apart from that, i can’t, see anything else.

You can also group it by keyword and sort it the way you want, and you can also create little um little campaign folders for each one. So you can keep everything nice and organized. Let’s, jump in to video marketing blaster and see what’s going on there.

We go into rank tracker and what you can see is i already have you know. I use this in the past for other stuff um and you can actually see that again it’s. Pretty cluttered you don’t really have the option to filter it by campaigns.

If you want to add a new video, you add it here and there we go. You ‘ Ve got the mass import feature which vidley pro doesn’t have surprisingly, or i’ve, not come across it yet so that’s. Definitely a big win um, but if you want to update everything again, there’s, no credits here, so you’ll select or you can just update, which one again that’s, no different to vidley in terms of design.

Ridley & # 39; s, definitely got it and again this will only update if, as you can see the last time, i checked these videos was 14 days ago. So this will only update when you manually, update as opposed to ridley prow, will automatically update it.

Okay, so what is the pricing comparison between video marketing, blaster, pro and vidly? Pro video video marketing blaster pro is a standalone software and you get lifetime access to this product uh. The cost of that is 97, which does seem like a good deal at first, but, as you have just seen in terms of speed and additional functionality and design wise, as well as compatibility upon computers, perhaps it’s, not the best pricing.

If you’re going to be using this product on a day-to-day basis, especially for someone like me, where i do use it on a day-to-day basis, so anything that’s, going to give me faster work flows and something that’s just going to be easy on the fa on the eyes and something that’s a bit more intuitive is always a big win.

On the other hand, if you’re going for vidley, you would have to buy the standard version of idli first, followed by the pro version of vidley. So the standard version of vidley is in fact 268, which again that’s.

Actually, quite a lot of money, but they are currently running a founders discount um, which i believe gets you 65 percent off and if you visit grab, you will also gain access um to that discount, as well as my bonuses.

Now, the pro version of vidlay. So ridley pro is 67, which you pay quarterly okay, so in or if you want to keep access to. You know all the additional options you’ve got to be paying that 67 overall for a keyword, research tool that gives you basically everything you’ve, seen that’s actually not too steep, especially when you can use it From away from your computer, which is one of the biggest downsides of video marketing blaster pro, is that you always need to be by your computer.

If you want to check anything okay, so vidley pro because it’s, cloud-based um, it basically enables them to automate your your workflows and speed up the whole process. So, all in all, even though they basically do the same thing, they aren’t the same thing in the end, because ridley is much faster, cleaner design and overall, it seems that they’re, going to be pushing visually more, which means They’re, going to be enhancing ridley and they’re, probably going to stop doing stuff with video marketing blaster pro in you know in the near future, so vidley is probably a better investment, as i can only imagine they’re going to be upping.

The price as time goes on as more functionality is added now that they have the capability of cloud-based software. I’ve, been getting a ton of questions all about my vidly bonuses and i don’t want to make this video any longer.

So in the next video i’m, going to be you going through. All of my vidly bonuses uh what they are, how you can claim them and the benefits of using my vidley bonuses in conjunction with vidley. So i do hope you enjoyed this video.

Thank you for watching, and i’ll. See you next time.



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