Honest Videly Review and Demo by Tube Rankings

You may have noticed a new software called Videly recently released by BlasterSuite. Watch the video below to see if Videly is worth the buy. 

If you think it is make sure to click the button below this video for the founders discount and my highly recommended Overnight Ranking Course to be delivered straight to your inbox after you purchase videly.

Everything You Need To Know About Videly

What Is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based software by Blastersuite. Videly

It’s easy to get confused between Videly and Video Marketing Blaster due both softwares do the same thing BUT with one major difference.

Video Marketing Blaster is a stand-alone application you would download on your Windows computer meaning you’re limited to only using the software from one device and it cannot be used on Mac.

Videly is a cloud based version of VMB and can be accessed from any device, any where in the world making the outstanding software even more appealing.


Videly Pricing

The normal pricing of Videly is $268 BUT they care currently running a founders offer which will get you a 65% Discount by clicking here.

Included inside Videly standard is the local pack which offers a variety of done for you templates for local businesses and unlimited credits for rankings.

Videly OTO

Videly also offer oto’s which are:

Videly Pro: $67 (Quarterly)
This purchase unlocks the 3 extra features:

  1. Niche Analysis: Analysis competition and tells you how easy/hard it will be to rank for your keywords.
  2. Video Report: Gives you a fantastic looking report of your video and gives suggestions on improvements + the ability to download the report to a pdf file
  3. Rank Tracker: Allows you to track your videos and keywords and automates the update process
  4. Multiple Campaigns: Allows you to create unlimited keyword campaigns so you can quickly scale and organise your projects.
  5. Split Blaster: Enables you to download copyright videos from Youtube, cut them and make them original for your own campaigns

Bonuses From BlasterSuite

If you’re lucky enough to catch the bonuses you will also get from BlasterSuite the following:

  1. BONUS: Spokesperson Video Intros Pack
  2. BONUS 1: Apple Style Intro/Outro Video Pack
  3. BONUS 2: Vintage Photo Pack
  4. BONUS 3: 850 Royalty Free Images
  5. BONUS 4: The Youtube Review Trick
  6. BONUS 5: 100 Music Loops
  7. BONUS 6: Audio Video Platinum Pack

Videly Local: 

Videly Agency: $197
This purchase unlocks the agency features including resell rights and the complete done for you agency wordpress theme with video training on how to install, use, and apply it to your business.

  1. Agency Rights: meaning that you can sell the research you get using Videly and the rankings you’ll generate.
  2. PDF Export: export and download your research data in PDF format
  3. Video Report Module: analyze any YouTube link and see exactly what it’s missing and what you should do to optimize and increase it’s rankings!
  4. Videly-Cash-Machine: step-by-step training and we will teach you exactly how to FIND and SIGN clients!
  5. DFY Website: DONE FOR YOU Agency website specially designed for people like you… who want to sell video and ranking services!

Videly Tutorial

Videly by BlasterSuite is pretty simple to use. Below is how you can get started using it for your video SEO and Google Rankings.

Does Videly Work?

Yes, Videly 100% Works and here is why…

  1. This Video Marketing software has been designed to reverse Engineer Google and Youtubes ranking system.
  2. It connects to search engines and finds untapped, buyer intent keywords that can easily be exploited.
  3. It automates the Video SEO and automatically generates perfect SEO Optimised titles, descriptions, and tags for your videos.