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Create a Video SEO Report

Did you know you can generate Video SEO reports which will show your rankings of your Youtube videos and Google videos? In this Videly post Im going to show you how to do just that.

What Is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based version of Video Marketing Blaster by BlasterSuite.

Using Videly you will be able to reverse engineer Google and Youtubes ranking system and almost instantly grab untapped, buyer intent keywords which make Video SEO super easy.

What can you do with a Video SEO Report?

Having something that can generate a video seo report at your fingertips can be a really profitable thing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Give Video SEO reports to clients
  • Quickly make good decisions about your Video SEO

In this video, i’m, going to show you how you can create a video seo report at the click of a button, and you don’t even need to invest an arm and a leg to do it. So, no matter how tech, savvy or not tech savvy, you are no matter how much you know about video seo and general seo.

You’re gonna be able to do this. So if that’s, something that you’re interested in stay tuned. Okay, so in this video you’re gonna learn how you can quickly generate video seo reports for your clients for yourself.

So if you’re, someone who offers video seo services and you’ve, been looking to generate a video seo report. This is the way you can do it using a software called vidley, also known as video marketing blasters cloud-based software, which is fantastic because it allows you to access these software from a mac from a pc from any device, and just you quickly enter the url enter Your keyword and boom it’s, going to generate that video seo report that you can download and then send to your clients or just view yourself.

So let’s, go ahead and jump into the software to see how we can do this. So this is vidly and i’m, going to go ahead and jump into video report, and right here is where the magic happens. So ridley allows you to enter your youtube url and your main keyword here.

So what i’m, going to do. I’m going to quickly head over to my main youtube channel and find one of the videos which has a decent amount of views and engagement. Okay, so the video i’m gonna go with. Is this video? This video has 77 666 views and 999 uh eerie likes with only 73 dislikes, and it’s got 491 comments, so this is a pretty good video, which i’ve organically grown using my video seo method that i teach in my Local business overnight, ranking course that you can enroll in for absolutely free found in the link description.

It’s, 14 videos long less than an hour in total. So, in less than an hour, you can use the very same tactics that i use to grow my youtube channel and earn a full-time living. You know in basically passive income applying the techniques i’m teaching you on this youtube channel and on my main youtube channel, so make sure you subscribe, but this is the url i’m gonna i’m gon Na take so let’s, just do save and copy, and i’m just going to go back to the software paste it in like so, and the keyword i want to target is html email, signature, um and i’M just going to paste that in and do refresh okay, so within 30 seconds it ‘

S now generated a full-blown report for me, which we can download, and i’m gonna get to that just shortly. But what you can see here is the overall information, and this basically tells you how optimized the video is and what sort of engagement this sort of keyword tends to get per month.

This video tends to get approximately seven and a half seven thousand six hundred views and the minimum views it will get is about 250 and the yearly maximum views it’s, predicting is 167 608 views um and then the average comment is about 40 Comments per month and the average like is about 209 and the average subscribers is 14 000.

. So if you were gonna compete with me for this video, that’s, the sort of engagement that you would actually need on your video, pretty cool that it tells you that. So now we’re going to scroll down and it’s, going to basically analyze each part of all the major rankings when it comes to a video now right here you can see the title length is optimal, so your video title 52 characters, which is the optimal number of characters.

So i’ve done a it’s, given me a tick because it approves, then the second keyword is not in the title. So your title contains the main keyword, but once we recommend it once we recommend to include another secondary keyword similar to your main keyword.

Next, you can also go with the description, so it’s. Giving me ticks for the length of my description for the keywords found in the description. What the description starts with then we’ve got tags, all ticks for the tags and then for the video cards i’ve got cards in it.

I’ve got end screens in it, so, as you can see overall, my video is actually really very well optimized um and some of the optimization tips that the software is recommending to me. Um really applies when your videos, aren’t getting traction or uh.

You’re just starting out this video is not just starting out it’s been around for two years and it’s thriving and it’s. It’s growing every single day, and so i’m, not too fussed about that. Now let’s, get to the actual uh video seo.

Pdf report that i was talking about earlier on so right here once you’ve researched this and you’re happy with it, go ahead and click the generate pdf button that’s now been generated. So let’s, go ahead and click it open it up and now you can see here we have it so i’m just gonna zoom in just so we can see it, and that is your report.

You’ve got the title and you can see it’s 80, and you can see it’s basically saying to yourself or to your clients or just to someone you’re. Helping out here’s, the problems um. I can fix these for you and what’s really nice is that the software itself and the back end tells you how to fix them, but obviously you don ‘

T really want your clients knowing how to fix them. Otherwise they’re just gonna. Do it yourself do it themselves, so it’s, fantastic because it literally said well, this hasn’t been translated. This hasn’t been done, you know, so it’s.

It’s, giving your clients the information uh the problems, but not the solution. And then you can say i’m. The solution i will fix. All of this for you and help you out, okay and then you would keep this report and once you’ve applied all the updates and you know you can a week or so or a month or however long you want.

You can then download the next report and you can compare and see how they’ve been done. The next video is going to be a fantastic video for people who are looking to find trending topics and then how you can actually rank for those trending topics, because let’s face it.

If you have something that’s trending it’s, something that people want. I’m, going to show you how to find those topics that people actually want and are searching for and will buy and then how you can instantly rank on google and youtube instantly anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this video go ahead and subscribe to the channel click. The notify bell button. So you don’t miss out on my future videos and if you’ve got any questions whatsoever, go ahead and leave a comment below, and i will reply back to you see you next time.