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Long Tail Keywords VS Short Tail Keywords

VIDEO SEO: Long Tail Keywords VS Short Tail Keywords. Learn the basics of long tail keywords and short tail keywords. When the best time to use long tail keywords and when the best time to use short tail keywords.

What you will learn

In this video Im going to show you the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords and why using long tail keywords will save you a ton of money and stress.

In this video, i’m, going to be talking about video seo long tail keywords versus short tail keywords. So, even if you’ve never heard of video seo. Even if you’ve, never heard of long tail keywords, and even if you’ve, never heard of short tail keywords.

You’re, going to have a firm understanding to help your videos and increase your video seo to increase your video rankings, views subscribers and you know basically anything to do with video seo. We’re, going to get into that in just a minute.

In this video i’m, going to be teaching you all about video seo long tail keywords versus short tail keywords and which one you should be going for and what they both actually are. I’m, going to be showing you examples in a software called vidly, because it shows fantastic illustrations between the two and it will help me make my point a little bit easier for you.

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So let’s, go ahead and jump into vidley and start this video seo long tail keywords. This short tail keyword tutorial; okay. So what is a short tail keyword and who would have thought that there’s, different types of keywords? Well, a short tail keyword is very simply a short keyword that someone types in onto a search engine like youtube or google or pinterest, or something like that.

It’s, a way people looking for things to tell the search engines what they want and as content creators or business owners, or something like that. It’s, our job, to make sure we include, you know short tail keywords or keywords that we know our customers are going to be searching for.

So these search engines can present our information that’s. What a keyword is, but what is a short tail keyword well in the software here? What i’m going to do is i’m going to type in? Let’s, pretend we’re plumbers? Okay, so i’m going to type in plumber.

I’m, going to press research, okay and now that it’s loaded some statistical information about this specific keyword. We can actually see that this short tail keyword is really competitive because the software’s telling us it’s, going to be hard to rank in the top five spots and it’s, going to be hard to rank In the first page, okay, but if we were to somehow rank for that keyword, you can actually see that we can potentially show our business or products or offer or something on those lines to 311 people per day and that’s.

A bare minimum. Okay, so a short tail keyword is basically plumber or food or business. Okay, it’s, something that’s. It’s, keywords which are just really short, maybe maximum; two two words like plumber services, for example; okay, so that’s, basically, what a short tail keyword now, the question is: if you were going to try and rank your business or Your videos on google or youtube would you go for short tail keywords, and it really depends on what sort of budget you have and what sort of authority your digital assets have online, because if you have a very small budget and you don’t Really have much authority online, then the chances are people with a big budget and people with a lot of authority online are just going to dominate those search.

Those search results and you’re, not going to be seen at all. Okay and the reason for that is because you’ve got people like me, or you know, digital agencies, where we spend our whole lives. You’re, creating content just to get seen for short tail keywords, because if you get seen for short tail keywords, you’re, probably going to be set for life.

It’s, going to be very profitable and because you, because you’re, the you get the bulk search of traffic okay. So the question you’ve got to ask yourself: is you being realistic? What is my current situation when it comes to finances? Am i willing to spend a considerable amount, thousands of pounds maybe a day to get those rankings short tail keywords, and do i already have uh digital assets, which are in good standing, which already get lots of traffic authority with google and and and if you answer No you don’t have, which is what most people people’s situation is like.

Then you’re, going to want to find a different approach to getting seen for plumber services, or you know whatever sort of services that you’re specifically looking for – and this is where we start talking about long tail keywords.

Okay, so what is a long tail keyword? Well, a long tail keyword is just a longer search phrase that people might be looking for so, for example, uh we just typed in for short tail keyword, plumber services, but let’s, go ahead and type in plumber services, manchester, england, okay and let’s, go ahead and do research here we are with with that long tail keyword, vidley pro has just finished loading all that information, and what we can see here is a drastic change in everything.

Well, for starters, it says it will be very easy to rank on the top five spots and then it will also say ranking on the first page will be very easy, and this is talk about google and youtube now, if we look at the statistics to the Right they’re, saying that if we wanted to really start properly ranking for that sort of information, we would need to get around about 230 views on youtube.

You know with two likes and 12 comments, as opposed to thousands upon thousands of views for plumbers, manchester or plumbers uh plumber services. Okay, now, if we scroll down, you can see that the estimated traffic potential is five views third per day.

Just for that long tail keyword and you may be thinking five views a day that’s. Nothing, but if you really think about how targeted that search phrase is because the chances are the only sort of people searching for that is that keyword are people with clear intentions.

We know that someone is looking for plumber services in manchester in england, okay, so one of the mega mega advantages of long tail keywords is the sheer fact that there’s, virtually no competition for them.

You don’t need any authority or realistically any capital to actually rank for these long tail keywords and it’s, so hyper targeted that the chances are out of five viewers. You could get two clicks and one sale or one lead.

Come through the door every single day, just from these things – and you may be thinking well, if it’s, that simple, why aren’t more people doing it, and the reason for that is very simple: most people want results like that, And sometimes you’ve got to build up and put in the foundation before you start reaping those rewards.

So what most people will do? Especially people have trained in the past, which they don’t do anymore, but they do now. Is they will, you know, take this method apply it do it once or twice and they’ll give up because they’ve not had any results, but if they did, if they did this once a day uploaded a video or targeted.

This keyword every day or a different keyword related every single day. What’s going to happen? Is that google and youtube will start saying hey this person is for real. They’re consistent. You know they’re, not just spamming our platform with garbage the the going after every single day.

We want to reward them with more exposure with more everything. So all of a sudden, what will happen is that these long tail keywords are actually broken up into many different keywords, and you know so.

For example, you may start off just ranking for plumber services manchester england only but after a while, what would happen is that this very video or the targeting will actually start saying, plumber, services manchester and then eventually even potentially, plummet services.

Depending on how you know you, you build up the channel okay, so there’s, so many advantages going for long tail keywords, but it just takes a little bit longer. However, do you really want to be spending thousands of pounds a day or week or month on these sort of services? When you could, you know just wait a little bit longer and do it yourself at the click of a button which i actually show you how to do it in all my other videos.

Long tail keywords is a massive massive opportunity for people with a small budget or virtually no budget, especially startups or medium-sized businesses or freelancers. Sometimes it can be worth going for short tail keywords.

You know it just really depends on how much time you ‘ Ve got how much money you’ve got, and you know how tech savvy you are. I do hope you enjoyed this video all about video seo and long tail keywords versus short tail keywords: uh these topics can get really complicated and often uh for beginners.

It can actually confuse you with the more information you have about both long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Sometimes it’s best just to try and keep it simple, which hopefully i’ve done now.

If you are a business owner or a individual or just someone who’s, trying to you, know, get better positioning on google and youtube go ahead and leave a comment below with your industry. Your niche – or you know the sort of things that you want to improve your rankings for, and i will go ahead and leave and give you five untapped.

Buyer intent keywords that you can go away and use and most likely get almost instant rankings. Thank you. So much for watching and i’ll – see you next time.