Videly Comparison

Videly VS Google Keyword Planner

This Videly VS Google Keyword Planner comparison video will show you the difference between the two and the pro’s/Con’s of using Videly/Google Keyword Planner.

What Is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based version of Video Marketing Blaster by BlasterSuite.

Using Videly you will be able to reverse engineer Google and Youtubes ranking system and almost instantly grab untapped, buyer intent keywords which make Video SEO super easy.

What Is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a Free (kinda) keyword research tool offered by Google. 

Google Keyword Planner allows you to research keywords and will show a rough estimation of how many people are researching a specific keyword.

Videly Pricing VS Google Keyword Planner Pricing

The normal pricing of Videly is $268 BUT they care currently running a founders offer which will get you a 65% Discount by clicking here.

If you would like some more information about Videlys OTO’s and Bonuses please click here

Google Keyword Planner Pricing

Google Keyword Planner is free to an extent.

It does not cost to access the platform but if you want to see exact searches for a keyword, you do no need to be running and spending a active paid campaign which can vary in price.

Once you stop running/spending a paid campaign with Google, you will no longer have exact data.

In this vidly versus google keyword planner comparison, video, i’m gonna basically compare vidley to google keyword. Planner tell you some of the pros of vidley, as well as the cons of idly and then also tell you how that matches up against google keyword planner, no matter how tech savvy you are, how much of a beginner you are to seo or video seo compared To how much of an expert you are when it comes to video seo, you’re, going to be able to decide if vidley is the software for you or if you should just stick with google keyword planner.

So if that’s, something that you’re interested in stay tuned. Okay, so here we are in google keyword planet now. Google keyword planner is a fantastic tool. It’s vtol from google, but it has limitations.

One of them is a big one, which is in order to see the most accurate information. You need to be running a paid campaign with them. In other words, if you want to see the proper data and the actual monthly search results, you actually need to be running and spending money with them.

Okay, so that’s, already a disadvantage, but let’s quickly, go ahead and type in, let’s, say plumbing services. Okay, i’m, going to go ahead and do get results. So here we are, and what you can actually see here is i do do paid advertising so um.

You can actually see it’s, showing the results, but right here, what it will actually show is zero to a thousand searches rather than just sixteen hundred searches. Okay, it also tells you what sort of competition you’ve got.

Is it low, but they don’t actually say whether or not they recommend you uh ranking for this sort of keyword or utilizing this sort of keyword? Okay. Now it also says that you can be paying anywhere from 99 pence per click to 6 pound 44 per click, which again can make your budgets all over the place.

In fact, it’s, actually not the greatest way of you know, seeing paid advertising or trying to get an idea of what you should be spending, or even what you should be ranking for now, as you can see as we scroll down it’s giving you you know, variations of plumbing services, it’s, got 24-hour plumber, uh clogged drain plumbing services near me, and these are actually pretty decent keywords.

So you can actually get some nice little keywords um. You know or some inspiration when it comes to keywords, and you can see it’s showing you you know. Block drain is 9 900 searches per month based in the uk, okay um, but another thing that it doesn’t.

Do it doesn’t really show you what our competition are doing. So if you’re fairly new to this area and or you’re, doing some competitor analysis, it’s. Not really. You know gonna synchronize that information for you to say.

Oh well, you know if my competitors are doing it, that’s great. In order to get that sort of information, you really need to start diving, deep into keyword, research and let’s face it. We don’t, always as a small medium-sized business have time to be doing that, which is why we outsource for massive amounts of money.

Another really nice thing that you can do with google keyword. Planner is actually put in a website and it will try and find the keywords from that website. So i’m just going to quickly type in plumbing services, and i’m just going to go ahead and grab this website just like.

So and i’m gonna paste it in, and i’m, just gonna say use this page only okay. So what you can see is that this page um is currently ranking or has these sort of keywords on their website. So you can see this site is probably getting a fair bit of traffic.

The keywords that they’re ranking for is in fact pretty decent uh. You can see that people or other firms are actually paying one pound 98 to rank for, like emergency plumber and stuff, like that now another really cool thing that you can do with google keyword.

Planner is, if you go to the last 12 months, you can actually filter and try and spot trends over a period of time, and you know so let’s just go instead of 12 months. Let’s, go with last 24 months. Okay and like you can see you can see how consistent this search phrase actually is, so you can actually see right here.

If i hover over, you can see that in 2018 still had a steady, 1000 plus searches per month, and if we hover over and carry on going, you can see that every single month, almost every single month it’s, jumping in traffic.

So if you’re, a plumber for whatever reason, the search volume of uh plumbing services is rising in the uk. So it’s, a fantastic time to start ranking your business for this particular keyword. But you can also see that a plumber is near me, which is often used in comparison sites or what’s? Not are utilizing this tool uh just the general keyword plumbing.

So all of these keywords, if we’re, going to look at the majority of it, you can actually see that plumbing services is on a rise. Another sort of bit of information you can get from google keyword. Planner is this here, which is search, volume, trains, trends, breakdown by platform breakdown by location.

So let’s, go ahead and do breakdown by locations and what you can see in england, there’s, an 84 search rate, scotland, 7, wales, 3. Northern ireland 1 so for plumbing services, you can actually say that england is your best target.

Now and again, you can use all of this to start forming your campaigns. If we do break down by platforms, you can see that mobile is dominating by 55, but you & # 39. Ve also got desktop. People searching for 36 percent and you & # 39.

Ve got people on tablet searching for eight percent, which which actually means that you know if you & # 39, ve got a website or a landing page. You really want to be optimizing it for your mobile. So all of this is really great information to really narrow down what sort of search traffic this actually is and whether or not you want to be targeting.

You know plumbing services, but we only have so much time in this video. So let’s. Go ahead and jump over to vidaly, also known as video marketing blaster, okay. So here we are in the keyword area of vidlay okay.

So what you can see is a nice snapshot, not too much overwhelming information and to your left here you can enter your keyword so again let’s, go ahead and enter plumbing services. Okay, now again, we don’t want worldwide traffic, because this is going to be a local uh.

You know search phrase, so i’m just going to type in united kingdom. Where do we want to filter the results now? This is actually really nice, because now we’re, getting more accurate with our search data.

So, instead of you know, searching the entirety of google and you know where the traffic & # 39, s actually being divided up from, which is what google doesn’t do here. It does do it, so you can see where it says.

Search sources: youtube competitors, google, amazon ebay. So if you’re on amazon marketer, if you have an amazon store, if you’re, an affiliate marketer or you’re, doing something with amazon, you can actually filter the results.

To only see the search traffic on amazon. How great is that? Okay? Now i only want to know what’s going on on youtube, what my competitors are doing on google. So again, i’ll just go ahead and click research, and you can see here it’s, finding all that information, and in like less than 30 seconds, we now have all of these results.

Now, here’s, one of the really good things about vidley compared to google keyword, planner and vidly, actually filter the most buyer, intent or relevant searches for your needs. Okay, because let’s face it.

Unless you’re trying to grab viral traffic, which, as a local small, medium business owner, you’re, not really after that. You’re after people with an actual intent to take out your services. Okay and that’s when you want to grab them, so this is only showing those sort of keywords.

So already you don’t need to filter. You know from basically millions of search phrases, because you know that majority of these keywords will be somewhat relevant to what you’re after so let’s. Just have a quick look.

Another nice thing that it does is, it does show you the almost exact searches per month, and it also recommends whether or not you want to be using this search raise for your campaign. Okay, so that’s, pretty nice! Now it you can actually see source here and if i just zoom in you can see that we & # 39.

Ve got source right here now. This means that this has been searched on google and if we keep scrolling you can see. This has been searched on youtube now. I know you may not want to have that as a title for your videos, but actually this could be if you, if you’re based in california or what’s, not this could be a golden keyword for you, because this could Be a golden keyword for you, because what are the chances of other people adding just that keyword into their description or into their post or whatever it’s very, very slim, because why would someone put that in? But for some reason someone is searching for these searches.

Now these are what our competitors are. You know ranking for you know, so it shows you a breakdown of you know where this search data is actually coming from and whether or not it’s. Actually worthwhile now another thing you can do which isn’t the most ethical of ideas um, but it happens, and sometimes you know if you want to play the game you’ve got to you, know really get in there and start Utilizing everything – and so this is the name of a company here and for whatever reason they’re ranking pretty well and people are searching for their company, so you can actually hijack their traffic just by ranking for their name better than they do.

Okay and it’s actually really easy, and i cover all of that in my course found in the uh link below completely free um, and i reckon you & # 39. Ll, probably love it, okay, so that’s. Basically, the the keyword section of vidaly, but one last thing i want to introduce you to, which is the video details now with the video details.

This will actually optimize the text for you, so it will take and you can actually see that it’s automatically taken the most relevant keywords and created titles and descriptions and included our url right here.

Okay and it does that at the flick of it at the click of a finger for you, okay, so that’s. Ridley vs google keyword planner. Now, as you can tell there’s, actually so much you can do with both of these tools because in one hand google keyword planner is absolutely free.

Unless you want accurate data and then you need to pay for the campaigns, visually isn’t free, but then again it also does more like it automatically generates video details for you, as well as a few other.

Nice features that google keyword planet. Doesn’t do ultimately what i would suggest is you actually use both these tools together? Okay, because, even though ridley will give you, you know, idea, inspiration and what’s, not sometimes it’s, always nice to get just to reaffirm your decisions when it comes to keyword, research using the master of the tool, which is google.

You know, because let’s, not forget vidley will or video marketing blaster will get part of that information from google because they’re all interlinked and that’s. Why it’s ultimately scraping its information from it just matches and compares the information in a better format for you.

So what i would do is, i would actually start off with google keyword, planner search for some information. Take those keywords that you’ve, never really thought of and put that into ridley and let that generate all the buyer in turn, searches that you probably wouldn’t be able to find or would struggle finding in google keyword planner.

I do hope you enjoyed this video and in the next video i’m, going to be talking in greater detail about the video detail, tab and how that actually works, and why that works, and you know the advantages of it so make sure you Subscribe to this channel hit the notified button, so you don’t miss out on that video thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time.