Videly Scam

Is Videly a Scam? Can I Make Videly Pro Work For My Business? Find out what you want to know about Videly Here…

In this video I cover everything you want to know about the potentials of Videly being a scam and explain why its likely or unlikely that Videly is a scam. I also show proof and comparisons that Videly may or may not work in the this videly review.

In this video i’m, going to be answering the question is vidly a scam and is ridley going to work for my business. So i see businesses, especially small medium-sized businesses, spending thousands of pounds per year on advertising and often they may see a small return back, but they don ‘

T truly know why that form of advertising is working and even how to improve it for their next campaign. So in this video i’m, going to be breaking it all down for you. I’m, going to be breaking down.

Why vidly may or may not be a fantastic investment and how you can utilize it for your business? If you decide to go down this route, and one last thing at some point in this video, i’m, going to show a special url on my screen, probably around about here, which is going to give you access to my overnight local business.

Ranking course, which shows you from a to z, step by step and how you can accomplish the method. I’m, going to be talking about in this video. So if that’s, something that you’re interested in stay tuned, so first things.

First, i’m, going to be comparing some pricing with the specific form of advertising. I’m, going to be talking about which is billboard advertising, as i think that is the best comparison when it comes to video seo.

Next, i’m, going to be talking about time frames and the importance of being able to nurture your advertising. Then i’m, going to be kind of talking about data, and you know why uh this sort of advertising with ridley is so effective, and then i’m, also going to be talking about why you have a greater chance of success With vidley over uh, more traditional methods of advertising, one last thing – and it would be really helpful if you could go ahead and click the like button and subscribe to this channel, because i talk about video seo and release daily videos just to help small medium-sized businesses Grow and prosper online, especially during these difficult times.

So if you do find this video helpful at all click that subscribe button and with that being said, let’s jump into the video okay. So one of the first things i wanted to take a quick peek at is google keyword planner, because when it comes to trying to find advertising costs or quotes for billboard advertising, most of these services are custom and bespoke.

So trying to find a quote is actually really difficult online and usually when you need to contact a firm to get quotes, the pretty big quotes. Okay, so i’ve quickly jumped over to google keyword planner, because i want to see what sort of monies these firms are spending on google to basically get in front of people searching for billboard, advertising quotes and services and stuff like that and shockingly You can see right here if someone’s, going to search for google billboard ad, that’s, going to cost the company at the maximum bid 26 pounds per click, that’s, not for lead that’s! Not for anything, apart from a click which means this area must be hugely profitable for these firms offering the uh the billboard advertising now jumping over, i did manage to find one.

You know fairly transparent, uh company and what you can see here is the rental cost of the of these services and depending on location and stuff like that. But actually you are looking at, like you know, 695 pounds for two weeks of advertising on a billboard and then you ‘

Ve also got the production costs and, and and so that’s quite expensive, especially for a small, medium-sized business or startups, or something on those lines. Okay, so you’re, going to be spending. You know at least this sort of money.

You know for two-week slots and i’m – pretty sure that if you i’m, pretty sure if you go to other sites uh to other service providers – and you know get those bespoke quotes, they’re gonna be Much more or online with this sort of pricing so already that’s, a big chunk of money out of your pocket! You’re, basically gambling, because you have no idea if it’s going to work your own.

Your only idea is from past experience and analyzing what your competition is doing, but, apart from that, after the two week campaign, you know let’s say you you did. Okay. Are you gonna know why that billboard did okay jumping over to the official ridley website? You can see that if you were gonna purchase vidley standard, you’re gonna be paying 497 for this software, which again that’s.

Quite a big chunk of money, but just before you do – and you already know what this software is and and don’t go to the website direct head over to grab, which is my review site, and you will be able to get this Software at 65 off, as well as my bonus content, which you can all find on this page just by clicking these links, but the main difference of you know buying a software like vidley, which is a one-time fee or buying this billboard.

Advertising is that, well, you’ve got something forever versus having something for two weeks. Now, with that being said, let’s. Jump over to one of my youtube accounts, which i’ve, been applying all the information that you can get from vidley onto a channel for quite some time.

So i’m gonna have to blur out bits of this screen and the only reason why is because i get a lot of people copying my niches and stuff like that um. So, just for the sake of this channel uh, i put a lot of work into it.

So i don’t really. You know so i’m gonna blur out certain areas. What you can see is in 2020 is the main time i actually started applying stuff. Okay, this this youtube channel has actually been created since 2016, but it was only in 2018 that i started uploading videos, but i wasn’t getting much traction and then in 2020 and but that’s.

When i started playing around with vidley and video seo – and let me just show you the lifetime of this channel – so you can see – i’ve, actually had 1.3 million impressions on this one youtube channel, okay of which i’ve, had A 6.

6 click-through rate and 252 views a thousand views across all of my videos now already. That is a massive amount of data that you can already use and start thinking right. What is going on here, because if i’m, getting 1.

3 million impressions, which is when it shows up on google when people are searching for something, and i’ve, had 252 000 clicks. When someone has actually clicked on the video and watched it across all my videos, that means that’s, a six percent six point, six percent click-through rate, which means that i now have the opportunity to say right.

How can i get more people clicking on my videos, because my videos are clearly already getting the attraction, so how do i increase that opportunity and very simple, create better thumbnails? Okay and i’ll cover that in another video.

In fact, i have. I’ll, leave a link in the description below for more information about that, but guess what this hasn’t cost me anything apart from the actual cost of the software. It’s, not cost me anything, and i ‘

Ve got access to this all the time now. If we scroll down, can also break down this data, just by you, you know, where is this coming from well. 40 is from youtube search. 27 is from external, nine percent is from suggested videos, and that is a really big thing.

Nine percent of my traffic is from other videos suggesting my content, which means that i know other videos in my niche are actually suggesting my videos. So i’m, actually hijacking. Other people’s traffic as well.

How crazy is that, but you would never know that with billboard advertising, then you ‘ Ve also got your traffic source external, so i can see that 76 of my external traffic is from google 2.5 from facebook, and then it breaks down.

As you can see it right here, the only monies i’ve actually spent is a little bit of time, creating very simple videos, and i’ll. Go over all of this in another video leave a link in description, but i’ve spent only money on the actual software and i’ve managed to generate over 252 000 people who have watched my videos and purchased stuff from my Videos using the simple method, and just so you can see in 2019.

In 2019 i only had 270 000 impressions and 48 000 views. It says so right here, but if we change that to 2020 now we can see that’s massively growing, and i’ve now had 901 000 impressions and 155 000 views.

Okay, that is a ton that is ridiculous amounts of advertising, and if you actually look at the graph, you can see it’s on an upward trend. In my past videos i’ve, actually done some case studies and all sorts of things you know about how i’ve, ranked like local businesses and, in particular, a local plumbing firm.

So if i quickly jump over to google, what you can see on the google video tab is that this video here is number one, and this video here is number three, and these two videos are videos that i actually uploaded like last month or the month before.

You can see in october and november here, okay, so i’ve uploaded these two videos and these two videos are still on the front page of google. Here’s, the thing it’s past two weeks since i’ve uploaded these videos and these videos are still there and still allowing me to get some clicks, some traffic and and and okay.

So these videos stay on google for ever. Basically, so you just invest five minutes of your time, which i prove in my videos, in my other case studies, and they’re there forever. There’s, no other investment, even if you lose access to the internet.

Even if you you lose access to your computer and undone, these videos will stay on youtube and google forever, which means that, as long as people are searching for these phrases, you are always going to be a 24 7 hour sales pitch in front of your potential Customers, because that’s, what video does it’s? It’s, basically a big sales pitch, depending on what you’re trying to achieve with it.

Okay, but it’s, always there, and that was done from five minutes work like nearly a month ago, if not a month ago. Okay, so that, but with the billboard advertising, you need to be paying for this every two weeks and you still don’t even get that much tracking.

But with this you can upload hundreds or thousands of videos and have all of that working for you, 24 7 for years. Okay, for 20, odd years, youtube is not going anywhere. It’s, the second biggest search engine in the world and the first is google.

You know and guess who own youtube: google, okay! When you purchase vidley through my link, i will earn a small commission and because i earn a small commission um, you’re, basically supporting my channel telling me that my videos are actually helping you out and in return.

I just want to help you out even more, which is why i’m, going to give you my 14 part super focus overnight, ranking course which is specifically designed for local business, but it can also be used in almost any niche or any sort Of thing that you’re trying to achieve – and it just shows you – it gives you some theory and then it gives you some practical, and it just shows you step by step on how this whole process works.

Okay, now, here’s, another really cool thing that you can do with vidley as opposed to billboard advertising is that when you use a software like vidley, you can analyze all the keywords. You can generate all the text for your videos that’s, going to help you get to number one two and three positions of google forever.

Basically, you can even analyze your niche to see what areas you should be focusing on on what areas you should be running the other direction, because it will be too competitive. Then it allows you to generate reports and allows you to even track all of your rankings.

I do hope you’ve, taken something away from, is vidley a scam and is it gonna work for my business? Okay, because, at the end of the day, when it comes to softwares, you can give a chef the best tools in the world, but that doesn’t mean that the chef is becoming is gonna become the best chef in the world.

All it means is that they ‘ Ve got some really good tools to master their craft, but ultimately it’s, always gonna come down to you and your focus and whether or not you apply this okay. If you’re going to apply this method with just one video or two videos or three videos, unless you got a little bit lucky or super niche, you’re, probably not gonna get much results.

But if you upload a few videos a week, you know for 30 to 60 days, then the chances are. Your videos will start to get traction. Just like you and your business, you don’t want to hire people who are going to be like.

I’ll, do it tomorrow or do it you know, or i’ll. Do it later sort of thing you want highly competent, reliable, efficient people who are going to come in and treat it properly, treat your baby as if it’s, their own baby and just take care of their platform and follow their line of your Business, your mission, your goals and all of that stuff.

Well, that’s the same with google and youtube, but they don’t want people posting garbage on their on their platforms. They want people who are going to stay consistent, post quality and just do a good job and follow and keep people on their platforms for as long as possible.

So i do hope you enjoyed this video go ahead. Ask me any questions in the comments below grab that 65 discount. I don’t know when it’s coming i don’t know when ridley are going to uh, bring that that offered down thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time.



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