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This Videly demo video will show you how to use Videly and explain all the different features this video marketing blaster software has to offer.

What Is Videly?

Videly is a cloud based version of Video Marketing Blaster by BlasterSuite.

Using Videly you will be able to reverse engineer Google and Youtubes ranking system and almost instantly grab untapped, buyer intent keywords which make Video SEO super easy.

In this vidly review, i’m, going to be reviewing video marketing, blasters cloud-based software called vidley or vidaly or vidley, not 100 sure how to pronounce it as their promo. Video hasn’t even come out yet, and i’ve managed to get an early look at this video ranking software.

Just for you, so i’m, going to create a whole series all about this video software and also i’m, going to give away my local business overnight, ranking course, which is going to teach you and show you and how you Can get rankings for your business for your online presence? Even if you’ve never touched seo.

You’ve, never touched video seo and you really consider yourself as a complete newcomer when it comes to getting number one rankings, number two rankings and even number three rankings on google and youtube.

So if that’s, something that you’re interested in stay tuned. Welcome back to this vidley review video and, like i said before, we’re gonna go through video marketing, blasters latest cloud-based software, which is vidley or vidaly one of them.

So what i’m gonna. Do i’m gonna release a whole series of videos? I’m gonna start off with the basic functionality and in later videos. I’m gonna go ahead and you know start exploring the pro version, but, like i mentioned at the beginning, if you want some deeper insight when it comes to video rankings and how i do instant online video rankings go ahead.

Click the link in description which will take you here, click free overnight ranking system and you will be able to enroll in my course okay. So here we are in vidley or also known as video marketing blaster.

This is the cloud version, as you can see it. Doesn’t really look that complex. What have we got? We’ve got our tabs or our menu right here we ‘ Ve got account at the top right with support and, of course, some training.

Videos will train you on each of these tabs, so you kind of know how to use the software. So let’s head back to the dashboard, and here we have a short little snapshot of you know how many keywords have been researched.

You know how many details have this software generated for our videos and i’m gonna leave out the niches analyzed and the reports created, because that’s in the pro version, and i’m gonna talk about That in a later um video, let’s.

Go over to keywords, okay, so here this is where you actually search for keywords. And if you look at the right here, you can see you can categorize um, all the keywords or the niches that you want to store keywords in, and all you do is click this icon here.

New campaign rename or delete new campaign will allow you to create um an actual campaign name and that’s. Where you can store all your keywords, you always have access to the training videos just below it right here right here.

You also have a snapshot of all of the research that you’ve done within the software. So if i quickly change it to plumbing keywords, you can see it’s loaded and now what i’m gonna. Do i want to search for plumbing keywords, but on the left you can see we can filter.

You know what sort of searches we want. So we would enter the main keyword here. We would cater where we want. You know these statistics about each keyword that it’s going to generate for us, because at the end of the day, if you’re based in england, manchester united and your local business that you don’t offer uh International then you’re, not really going to want to see what results are happening in america or australia or wherever or wherever else you just want it really in your geo.

So i’m going to just type in united kingdom here, because that’s, going to take away all the other search results that are not relevant to my geo. Next, you can see you ‘ Ve got saved keywords here.

I’ve, not yet saved anything, but we’ll explore that soon and right below here. You can also see you can say: hey uh ridley grab all this information from these sources. Like so um, and to be honest, i’m, not an amazon affiliate or someone who sells on amazon or ebay or even pinterest yahoo.

Uh bing, i’m, only really interested in youtube and what my competitors are doing on this platform. As well as google, so i’m gonna leave these three em checked. Now i’m gonna go ahead and just enter my main keyword and if you want more information about my keyword again go to my website.

Click on my overnight ranking course, because it’s completely free and enroll in that, because it ‘ Ll teach you everything that you actually need to know. So i’m, going to go ahead and type in um plumbing services.

Okay, i’m, going to go ahead and click research. So what you can see is it’s, actually gathering all the information, and it did a really fast job with that now below here we ‘ Ve got our tabs here that we’ll talk about in a second, but what you can see is that it’s recommending which keywords to use and what sort of monthly volume um it’s, showing now one important Thing is that when it comes to monthly volume and all of these statistics, never take them too seriously or exact, because even google say that they don’t give 100 accurate readings.

Okay, so you know use it as more of a guideline rather than an exact science. Okay, you can see here that the 24 hours plumbing services, near me, keyword is – has got 869 000 um people on youtube, trying to rank for that variation of the long tail keyword.

Ideally, what you want to do here, you want to use these search terms and for every single search term. You want to create a video targeting that search phrase and again i talk about this more in my course and but you can see it’s, giving you loads of fantastic searches that you you know you can start ranking for or inspiration for variation.

So it really gives you unlimited amounts of keywords and it’s up to you to choose which ones you want. So let’s, say um. I wanted to rank for 24 hours plumbing services near me. How much do plumbing services cost and plumbing services near me? Yelp, okay, plumbing services.

Name me prices, okay, so i select all of them and then i can either copy to the clipboard or add to saved keywords. And now you can see, i ‘ Ve got all my keywords in the left that it’s automatically added, and if i want to copy them, i can’t or just export them and it’s instant.

So i’m just going to open that up and now you can see we have the keywords just like so so that’s, really cool stuff. That’s really enough about the keywords: let’s, move over to video details, so here this is where you actually generate the um optimized text that you place on your videos.

So let’s, go ahead and click generate details, and here you can say well what language do you want to end? So if you’re, you know if you’re targeting people in a different language boom. You can do so just like this.

This is a really handy feature for you know anyone looking to rank videos, not in english. Okay, then you ‘ Ve got the main keyword. So what i want to say is you know what i’ve just found a bunch of keywords: plumbing services.

Okay, then it you can see it dynamically change too. Let me just do that. Okay, plumbing services, plumbing services, new video or plumbing services solution, so i’m gonna. Do the second one and go ahead and click next template? Okay, so the next bit is little suggestions that the software will make for you.

You know which you can use on other videos, but you can see they’ve added some more stuff like plumbing tricks, diy plumbing, you know, and all of these little things here. Next, if you want secondary keywords, you can see that they’re, actually offering these secondary keywords right here and that, basically, you know allows you to get an idea of keywords that are going to complement your main keyword and it’s.

Just going to boost your ranking, so emergency plumbing service, that could be something really handy or water, heating service, okay, um, new home construction plumbing. These are keywords that you know your competition, don’t, even think of, but they can be highly searched and pretty you know, profitable keywords if used correctly next, do it next step, and you can see that right here? This is where you add your website, your youtube, your facebook, your twitter, so if the software will automatically do everything for you, okay, so i’m.

Just gonna quickly. Add some information here. Okay, now that i’ve, just put in some false urls, i’m gonna go ahead and do generate okay, so it’s going to say: are you sure you want to generate yeah? Okay, so successfully? One video details has been generated for the keyword plumbing services.

So if i click on it now you can see that it’s, optimized, it quite cool. Actually, so you ‘ Ve got the title, which is the plumbing services. Water heater services? Must watch and if you want to regenerate it, you can do so here or you can click edit and if you wanted to add a little, let’s, say uh dash there.

Okay, there you go okay and if you wanted to add your phone number in the title, you can do so just like that. Okay, so what i’m, going to do, i’m, just going to show you what it looks like if you regenerate it.

Okay and you see that’s now been regenerated. Let’s, regenerate again regenerate and what it’s doing. Is it’s, going through all those secondary and primary keywords that we literally just selected two seconds ago, and it’s going through that and making the variation? So obviously, the more keywords that you add into it, the the greater the variation will be and you have more options.

Okay, so next we go into the description now. One really important thing to remember is that most people, and including google and youtube google and youtube will only show the first sentence or two of your videos.

Most people don’t browse past the first paragraph of your video description. Okay, i’m, not saying everyone, but i’m saying most people they won’t. Do it because they can’t really be bothered and they just want to watch the video.

So you know the one of the first things that you actually want in your description is going to be your website just like that, and also your keyword, which is right here, and you can see that these areas are actually highlighted and that’s Because these are basically short codes of you know, uh what the software actually is right.

Okay, so, as you can see it’s generated the text for us and it’s got these little regenerate options that will pick up and you can literally just change it like that. Okay, i’m, not going to fully optimize this.

You know or tweak it, but you can see it’s, basically added all the information for you and if you were just to use this information, you would rank probably pretty high as long as you follow the process.

So i’m. Just gonna do save, and i’m happy with all of that. Okay and right here you’ve, got suggested titles, suggested sentences and suggested tags. So it really just adds everything for you. Okay, it just it does the whole works for you, and it makes everything super simple, so that is really it.

You would literally take this information and upload it onto your video channel. Okay. So we now heading back to the dashboard, and you can see that this information here is updated and one of the really great things about vidley or video marketing blaster is the fact that it’s cloud-based, which means you can literally access this software.

Whenever you want from any computer and opposed to the previous version, which is a standalone application which you had to download onto your computer and then use it in the next video, i’m, actually going to talk a little bit more about keyword, research And how to use vidley in greater detail when it comes to the keyword, research so make sure you subscribe to my channel click that notify button.

Thank you for watching leave a comment below and i’ll see you next time.