VIDEO SEO: Ranking In A Multitrillion Niche [BEGINNER SEO]

Watch my exact process to ranking #1 in Youtube within the property niche. Nothing left out AND created for Beginners looking to learn Video SEO.

What I Cover

In this video I show you how I use a software like Videly Pro to find untapped keywords which are easy to rank for. I show you live how I took a property keyword and got #1 on Google and Youtube.

I explain the process as I rank for this keyword so you can replicate this success and start ranking videos inside the property niche.

Funnel Builder Software:

In this video i’m going to show you live, how i rank a video using vidley pro and i’m, going to show you all the tools i use, so it really doesn’t matter. How much of a pro you are how tech savvy you are if you’re, a beginner or anything on those lines, because using these tools, it’s basically done for you stuff.

With that being said, let’s, jump into the video i’m, going to show you how i rank a video live, but one of the first things that we need to decide on is what is my niche. So i’m gonna go into the property game, yeah that’s right, some really competitive stuff right there, and if i get number one two or three rankings, i’m gonna absolutely blow the competition out of The water and anyone who’s an estate agent watching this video, your mind is going to be blue and i ‘

Ve never touched this niche before i’ve, never done anything with property, so it’s. Going to be new for me as well, but i’m, going to take the step-by-step process that i teach in my overnight. Local business ranking course that i’m going to give away in this video.

If you stay, if you stay until the end and make sure you keep an eye out for the url that i’m going to display, but yeah, i’m, going to go into the property niche just for today. Only i don’t plan on staying in it because it’s very competitive and i prefer other areas, but let’s, jump over to my screen and see what i do at this moment in time.

I don’t own any properties. Apart from the one i live in, i need to find what’s currently for sale, so i’m gonna go over to a website called right move. Next, i’m just going to put in a random area that i know so.

I’m, going to go with berry, berry, greater manchester, and then i’m going to do it for sale, okay, so now search radius. I’m, going to do within uh half a mile, and do you know what um number of bedrooms let’s, go with five bedrooms: okay and do fine properties.

Now it’s listing all of these properties, like so. Okay, so what i’m gonna do quickly. Is i’m just going to download some of these images, and i would recommend getting permission before you actually do this? If you plan on earning this is this is educational purposes not earning purposes? Okay, so, okay, so i now have all of these images, and now the next step is finding a keyword that i actually want to rank for.

Okay, so here i am in vidley and uh, i’m gonna jump straight into keywords. One of the first things i want to do just because i always forget to do it at the start is change worldwide to united kingdom, because i want it super specific.

Then i want to go over to the right move website again and it really doesn’t matter which exact property. I just want the overall information, so five bedroom properties for sale in berry, greater manchester and i’m just gonna.

Take um that open up, notepad and paste that in like so i’m, going to paste my main keyword into video like so and do research. Okay! So now i’ve found all of these keywords and one of the things that a lot of people get confused about is primary and secondary keywords, especially with the methods that i like to do so this here.

This is going to be my primary keyword and i’m, actually going to fill out the description, everything that this software does for you with all these secondary keywords, so house for sale. Manchester uk i’m, going to add that in i’m, also going to add in property for sale, property, sale, luxury homes for sale.

Uk i’m gonna leave london detached house for sale because it’s, not focused um, and we’re. Just gonna keep on scrolling and having a look semi-detached house tour. Uk we’re gonna add that in now add them to my saved keyword list.

Okay – and i’m happy with those keywords. So now let’s, go ahead and actually generate some video details which uh vidley is going to sprinkle and do its magic. Okay, we’re in the video details. Tab, let’s, generate details.

We’ve done this a million times on this channel, so i’m, not going to be as descriptive. If you want to watch more information about this, just go ahead and have a watch of my other videos. Basically, so my main keyword is going to be that okay select the done for you title, which we’re, going to slightly change later on and now we need a website now.

A lot of people i didn’t realize that a lot of people, don’t actually have a website having a website is fantastic, but personally i’m very much always on the go always doing projects always doing this And that can build up to a lot of money, so i prefer to get a funnel builder.

Something like this. I’ll, leave a link in the description for you, so you can try this for free, and this will allow me to build basically unlimited websites under a domain and it’s, just a small monthly fee and again i’ll leave the link below for you, so um.

You can explore it in your own time. I’m, going to go ahead and do create, and then what i want to do is i actually want to get an email address and i’m just going to type in property and then create.

Let’s just quickly find a template. You got all of these done for you stuff, so i am just going to go with this one here. So the beauty of this is that you can change the url anytime. You want so we’re gonna call that okay and we’re.

Just gonna call this five bedroom, okay, property – and this is gonna – be the url okay. Next, i’m, just going to go ahead and do save, and then i’m going to edit it okay. So how great is this? We actually don’t have um, we actually don ‘

T need to do much to this page because it’s done for us. So if you have a logo, you can keep it there, but i’m. Actually just going to get rid of this section. I’m just going to leave the email address in because, ideally, if we can capture an email address down the line, we can remark it to them, and and okay so enter your email address and they would enter, etc and then press get started And then what will happen is that we would create a an email in systemy and that will automatically send them a url to basically this or your affiliate link or whatever your end goal.

Is that’s? What you’ll, send them. So i’m, just going to go ahead and do save changes and then preview, the template and boom. There we go, we’ve got uh what we need. So i’m now going to exit okay and i’m just going to save it and now copy the url okay and there’s.

Our website fantastic, spend a bit more time, decorating it or tweaking things uh. You get the gs, but that’s, how you can create a really easy landing page. Let’s. Take that url jump into here and the website boom and then youtube.

You’ll, just put in your youtube channel. So i’m. Just gonna do five bedroom, and now i’m. Just gonna do generate generate details. Okay, we now have our property here and you can see five bedroom properties for sale and bury house for sale.

Manchester uk must watch okay and in order to learn more about, please check out here. Okay call and then we’ve got sprinkling and, to be honest, i actually don’t think we need to edit all of this okay.

So just one quick thing before we continue with the video is that when it comes to youtube descriptions, uh, google and youtube only show the first two lines of the description. Most people won’t, read the rest of the description.

Some do but most people don’t. They will usually look at the first two lines: click on the call to action, the phone number or the website, and they will leave that video okay, so don’t worry too much about the rest of the description tweak it.

You know, but don’t, go too far away from what vidley is recommending. Now we have our website. We have our uh keyword description, but we don’t have a video, so i’m going to jump into a software. I use all the time called vidnami.

Okay. So now i’m in vietname. I’m just going to quickly select one of the templates and they ‘ Ve actually got a property template okay. So i’m just going to use one of these property templates and i’m, going to go ahead and do this one.

This one looks interesting. I’m going to do use this template. So here we’re, just going to name it property now, of course you want to create your own sales script, but just for the sake of it, i’m just going to take one of these scripts here and just paste that In but you should create your own now, i’m just going to paste it like that, and what i’m going to do.

I paste in the main keyword that we’re, going to be ranking, for which is this because i want the video to read this out and i want the keyword to be the first thing. The video says: okay, so how uh? This is how we have it, and i’m just going to create some gaps.

Once i’m happy with the script, i’m, going to go ahead and do create scenes now. What vidle is doing is it’s? It’s, searching through all of that text and it’s. Finding relatable images. If you have your own images, you can upload them yourself, but i’m just going to leave it as so because it looks really cool.

So here vidnami has basically done its thing. It’s created some. You know relatable images, okay and and – and you can always edit it – you can just select here and edit it. Okay, i’m just gonna leave it, as is for the sake of it, but i just remembered i did actually uh download.

All of these images, so all you’ll – do is select them all put them in upload and then just quickly change it as so. Okay, i’m gonna add a voice track now here’s. The here’s. The amazing thing about this software is that if you don’t want to do your own voiceover, you can actually have the software automatically generate a semi-realistic, robotic voice or human-like voice and even have some background.

Music playing and it will read out the script for you or you can manually – add your own voice. It’s. Up to you, i’m. Just going to do auto voice. Do harry preview! Your video, i’m, not going to play this video for you, because it’s, not really what this video is about.

I just want to show you how i’m getting rankings, but by all means search. The keyword at the end of this video and see if i am still ranking and stuff like that, so it looks good, continue and now generate your video okay.

So what it’s, doing right now is that it’s, rendering it’s, pulling all of that video together for us to download. It is checking for any copyright issues and it will actually give us the specific urls that we need to put in our description if there is any uh content that is copyrighted and it’s going to give us all the information that we need For that, so now that’s there, and the next thing i’m going to be doing, is heading over to my youtube channel.

Now, ideally, you want your youtube channel to be super focused about what you’re, going to be posting about. In fact, the youtube channel that i’m posting on right now is actually at a disadvantage, because i’m posting all sorts of random stuff up, and i’m posting stuff about plumbing, about electricity, about all sorts of Different niches – because i use it for my my examples for these videos, but if you are in the property game, make a youtube channel all about property.

Don’t post, anything else that’s, not related directly to property. Okay. So here we are, and i’m gonna go ahead and upload the video okay. So whilst this is uploading, i’m, going to jump back into vidley and basically copy um the title into the type straight into the title.

Here. I’m gonna jump here, copy the description right here. Okay, just like so and then i’m going to upload a thumbnail okay, but i’m just going to leave it like this one. I’m, going to scroll down, no playlist, go to more options and under tags again go back to vidley and i’m, going to go ahead and copy all the tags.

It’s, recommending jump back here, paste them in just like so um, and i’m just going to leave the rest of the options like so next and public and now publish the video has been uploaded, and usually you should wait At least 10 minutes to 24 hours to start seeing where you’re, ranking and stuff like that.

But i’m excitable and sometimes it really gives me a kick when i see that i get instant rankings. So i’m gonna go ahead and search for our main keyword on google and youtube, and the google video tab as well, and i’m gonna.

Do it in incognito mode and you do it in incognito mode, because you want to make sure google does not uh cater their search results for you and where you’re based already, we want to get the most accurate reading for where we’re ranking, so let’s, jump to our screen and see.

If we’re ranking. Okay, i’m in incognito mode. Let’s, go ahead and search okay, so five bedroom properties for sale and bury greater manchester okay agree. Nothing! There! Let’s, go to the more videos! Nothing there! Let’s, go to youtube okay, so you just saw.

I didn’t get the rankings so what i’m gonna do i’m gonna come back in about half an hour to 40 minutes to see if anything has changed because remember sometimes depending on how competitive The nisha is, it can take time for google on youtube to actually index these things and see what’s going on.

So i’m gonna come back in half an hour 40 minutes, maybe even 60 minutes to see what’s going on okay, i’m back and i’m gonna type in it’s it’s, been about 50-ish minutes. I’m, going to type in the keyword again and i’m going to see.

If we’re ranking, let’s. Do it so i’m, going to paste in the keyword again press search number two with number two on google on the front page of google for a super competitive term like this is the property game.

This is people spend millions of pounds in this area and i’ve in like how long 54 minutes so in 54 minutes it’s index. I don’t know how long, but in 54 minutes i’m there. Okay, let’s, just open that up.

Let me just open that up in google yeah that’s. My video you can see from marty england there. Okay, let’s; um click on the url boom. There. We have it crazy. Okay, that’s, absolutely crazy. We’re number two on google.

Let’s. Go to uh the video tab, uh number one. We’re number. We’re beating right move. We’re beating belleway, we’re beating normie, we’ll, be all of these places. We’re beating. We are number one on google, okay, these are companies that invest a ton of money on professional videos, on professional seo, on massive seo websites and paid advertising, and i’ve, just beaten them in the space of an hour, and you saw how much Effort i put into creating this video and the whole thing i’ve.

Literally it’s done for you stuff. How crazy is that? Let’s, go to youtube and see where we’re ranking there. We’re number, one that’s, a paid advert again, so this firm is paying to be seen for this sort of search phrase and we’re beating them.

Oh, this is mind-blowing like if you don ‘ T see the opportunities with this sort of method. I i don’t know i don’t know what to say to you, but how insane is that? Okay – and you can only imagine if you get if you create a good thumbnail to add on to that you just you’re gonna get good good good results, okay, so what i want to do, i want to play a little game.

I highly doubt uh what i’m about to do is gonna work uh purely because of how competitive it is, but let’s see. So i want to take away this next bit and just leave it. Five bedroom properties for sale in barry press enter.

I’m actually on the front page, we’re actually on the front page. Here we are so we are actually on the front page for that super competitive search, raise okay. How mind-boggling is that? Let’s, just go to the uh all tab here and see.

If we’re there, we’re, not there. That’s, a shame. Okay, but we are on the video tab of google uh. Let’s, go up to google and are we still there yep? We’re still there, okay, so that’s insane. That’s, a shorter keyword that we’re.

We’ve, been ranking for and let’s just take this and go to youtube and paste that in we’re number one for that keyword, okay, madness! So what i want to do, i want to take with the five bedroom and just do properties for sale in berry on youtube and see anything.

Actually let’s. Do it on google first and then go okay. So i’m. Just gonna go to the all tab paste it in like so, okay, nothing. Now we’re on the second page nope we’re, not on the second page. Let’s.

Go to the video tabs of google right move. I’m just going to type in my name, martian one. Okay, we’re, not ranking for that. That was pushing our look a little bit. Uh! Let’s, go to youtube and and type that in we are on youtube, though we are on youtube.

Okay, so let’s get serious for one second, okay, because this is all really exciting stuff. But if you’re expecting results after you know one video uploading it’s. Chances are especially in a super competitive niche like this.

You’re, not going to get it. What you want to be doing is using all of those keywords that you saw on vidley and uploading a few videos per week. Okay, if you upload videos using this method consistently, what you’re going to find is google and youtube are going to see you as oh, this person’s, actually consistent, let’s, reward them with more exposure, better rankings And and okay, it’s.

The way it works. Are you asking yourself a question? Are you going to hire someone to come work for you or inside your business, and you know they have the attitude of? Oh, i’ll. Do it every so often or i’ll, do it when i feel it or oh, who needs a schedule? We’re, not going to do that sort of thing.

No! You wouldn’t because you don’t really want that sort of person working for you and then no offense to those other people. But you don’t. You want someone who’s completely competent someone who is efficient and someone who’s.

Gon na treat your baby as if it’s, their baby, okay, someone who’s gonna align their missions and goals. Whilst working for you with your mission and goals, okay and that’s, the same with google and youtube because at the end of the day, if they’re publishing, rubbish content or you know, inconsistent content, then really they’Re not going to it’s, really not providing what they want to be providing people, so they’re just going to pick your competition.

You are going to do that and you’re going to lose out. But, as you can see, i’ve, literally just given you the tools to and proof that this actually works so go dominate this niche before this video starts to explode.

One last thing before you go and you purchase this software um. If you head over to and if you purchase ridley through any of these buttons on my website, you’re, going to automatically receive my bonus content, which is going to include my local business overnight, ranking course.

So i go into this method. In more detail from a to z – and i’m going to teach you the whole theory and the practical side behind it, i’m, also going to give you another live case, study on a plumbing niche, and then you’re also going to receive a 10 minute keyword, research hack, which is super focused and very, very profitable.

And finally, i’m, also going to give you a sm of my other course, which is small payments, big profits. I have a video uh in the description which goes over all of my bonuses on why i’m, giving you these sorts of bonuses, but just so you know, you will also receive a 65 founders discount when you click on the button on the Site and purchase ridley through here, okay, so i do hope you enjoyed this video.

I hope it ‘ S made you as excited as it makes me excited. I’m nerdy like that, but thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time.



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